Jeffrey Shaw

-what is it?​
Conveyancing involves the sale, purchase, and mortgaging of estates and interests in land whether built upon or not.

NETHER EDGE LAW (“NEL”) is a new type of solicitor’s practice. One of its roles is to act as a consultancy to other firms representing owners vendors and purchasers as clients (although it will also act direct for such clients in some cases).

NEL will reciprocally refer appropriate clients to other firms with whom NEL will be liaising regularly.

But NEL has a policy not to pay or receive “referral” fees. These ought to be anathema to solicitors but several firms (often without the client’s knowledge) indulge in referrals for a fee!

So what sort of matter does NEL handle? This list gives examples (conveyancing aspects only) although others may be considered depending on workload, complexity, and circumstances:

-adverse possession
-blocks of flats, including sale and purchase on collective enfranchisement (not commonhold) and individual leasehold extension
-boundary disputes
-deeds of gift
-exchanges to adjust boundaries
-freehold/leasehold reversions, whether portfolios or for individual houses or blocks of flats and whether sales or purchases
-grant (or re-grant of revised/modernised) flat leases
-HM Land Registry correspondence and dealing with tricky requisitions raised during applications for first registration or dealings with already-registered land
-landlords’ standard documentation
-lost deeds
-production of conveyancing precedents
-private mortgage security documentation
-queries and advice re Housing Act 1988 lettings (Assured Shorthold Tenancies and Standard Assured Tenancies)
-settlement deed transfers (e.g. vesting in settlor’s nominated trustees)
-“tidying up” of untidy or disarrayed sets of title deeds
-voluntary registration of title, whether portfolios or individual properties

NEL can also deal with reviewing/settling documentation prepared by others; drawing and revising organisations’ own rulebooks; and producing clear yet accurate bespoke letters/memoranda/documents/etc. for clients of all types.

We're at PO Box 3439 Sheffield S11 8NH
[or, for DX users, at DX 701852 Banner Cross]
Telephone/fax: 0114-268 7638
E-mail direct to me at
Solicitor, at Nether Edge Law


Jeffrey Shaw, Solicitor and Sole Principal
Nether Edge Law, PO Box 3439, Sheffield S11 8NH

Telephone: 0114-268 7638 or 0845-108 0109

Authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA no. 442370)
VAT registration no. 883 0256 21 GB



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