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    External windows - Check out cleaning - Tenant responsibility

    Clause 3 seems fairly clear. Within the final month of the tenancy, T must clean the windows externally if reasonably accessible.
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    Tenant smoking cannabis

    Are you L, L's Agent, or T? You say that "Our landlord is clearly lying to us..."; perhaps you meant "Our tenant is clearly lying to us"? If so, you could threaten to end the letting [s.8 Notice under Housing Act 1988 as amended] by use of ground 12 or ground 14. See their wording at...
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    Tenant video recording a prospective tenant

    Yes, although why do you as L have to tell T2- shouldn't T1 be doing that?
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    Budget changes- SDLT etc.

    Next Budget: Wednesday 3 March 2021.
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    Tenant video recording a prospective tenant

    It might be. But you cannot show that this is T1's motive. Plus: you as L have no right to enter- whether with T2 or on your own- whilstever T1 occupies. Even if the Letting Agreement confers a right of entry, T1 is free to withdraw it without notice. Forcing T1 to admit you could be seen as...
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    Tenant video recording a prospective tenant

    It is T1's home, at least at present. Subject to any legal restrictions, T1 is free to do whatever she likes there. And it's not your privacy with which T1 has supposedly interfered, so why need you do anything?
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    Tenant video recording a prospective tenant

    No, probably not authorised by law- and why is T1 doing it anyway? Are you T1, T2, or L?
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    Tenant' Notice of intent to quit when still inside the AST Fixed Term

    1. No. As an AST, there are potentially statutory continuation tenancy rights for T. 2. Yes, you can serve a s.21 Notice subject to a lot of restrictions. Besides the Virus ones, these include having properly protected T's deposit. 3. For s.21 rules, see...
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    Tenant' Notice of intent to quit when still inside the AST Fixed Term

    Again: you can ask them as much as you want, but they (T) are free to go- irrespective- at the expiry date of the existing term or to remain. So far, they have not served any Notice on you as L. If they change their minds and remain, which they are fully entitled to do, marketing it now might...
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    Tenant' Notice of intent to quit when still inside the AST Fixed Term

    Really, T can just up and leave when the fixed term expires. Unless the Letting Agreement says otherwise (and that would be quite unusual), no Notice from T is needed. Why? Well, the statutory periodic tenancy rules apply only if the letting is an AST. And it cannot be an AST if the property is...
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    I suspect tenants are committing fraud

    Be careful always not to commit inadvertent defamation- as yet, you cannot prove fraud, so don't allege it until you have clear evidence. Things to do: 1. Verify what details HM Land Registry has for you as owner of the leasehold flat- e.g. your correct home address. Perhaps ask for an...
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    Electrical Certificate Confusion

    The best source of information is the NICEIC, an official trade body. See
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    Short period of time between tenancies - impact on damage repair

    1. Although the clause allows L access, remember that T has exclusive possession during the Letting's term. T always has the right to refuse access. L cannot force entry- that would be harassment. 2. In any event, when T has to hand-back the property, it must be in the state of repair- and with...
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    Inventory and check in/out Services

    Yes. The article explicitly says this: However, with the 12-month transition period now ending from 1 June 2020, the ban applies to all tenancies (both Fixed Term and Periodic) regardless of when the tenancy started.
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    Inventory and check in/out Services

    The reason is in s.1 of the Tenant Fees Act 2019. See Some of the Act came into force when it received Royal Assent. The rest came into force on 1 June 2019. On a brief skim, I can't see anything that defers its application if the letting...