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    Enforcing court orders for monies owed

    Withe our tenant having been evicted on 24th October 2014, but taking until 23rd January 2015 to collect his belongings, we finally have vacant possession of our property again which is good news. We are, however, now keen to pursue the tenant for what he owes us (we have 2 court orders against...
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    Money claim issue

    Our claim for unpaid rent has been forwarded to our tenant from the Money Claims court. However, it arrived after he had been evicted by Bailiffs. Our own Notice of Issue states that it was sent to him on 5th November and will be deemed as having been officially served on the 7th. He has been...
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    Evicted tenant requesting access for belongings

    Our tenant was successfully evicted by High Court Enforcement Officers on 24th October. He was not at the property at the time, so the locks were changed preventing him access on his return. He has now been in touch requesting access to retrieve his belongings. The flat is in London and we live...
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    Money claim

    Is it obligatory to have sent a 'letter before action', prior to completing an N1 money claim form for rent arrears? Is this a required step to have completed?
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    Pursuing tenant for rent arrears

    We have successfully gained a Possession Order following serving a Section 21 notice, and are now in the process of transferring to the High Court to evict the tenant (due to delays enforcing through the County Court). We also now wish to claim for lost rent, and have been advised to complete...
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    Section 8 notice whilst hearing pending?

    Having served a Section 21 notice on our tenant back in February, we successfully obtained an Order for Possession. However, just as we were about to authorise the Bailiffs, we received a letter from the court saying the tenant had made a request for the order to be set aside, and a hearing has...
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    Order For Possession- but on what date?

    We received yesterday (16th June) an Order For Possession from the County Court, stating that a hearing took place on 2nd June and that the court orders the defendant to give us possession of the property and pay costs on or before 16th June. The Order itself was dated 5th June. Underneath it...
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    N206A form

    I recently sent the N5B form to the courts, and just over 2 weeks ago I received the copies of papers along with the N206A form (with the tear off slip). 15 days have now elapsed since the date it said the defendant was served, and I have heard nothing to suggest they have filed a defense. I now...
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    Questions re Form N5B

    Thank you for all the advice on here re completion of this form... I would just like to clarify a few additional questions to be sure I am completing it absolutely right: Page 1: - Both my husband and I jointly own the property, however the AST agreement only has my husband's name as the...