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I have received a letter from my agent informing of the requirement for a risk assessment for the Legionella bacteria (£90 inc VAT) is this something I could do myself, or is it reccommended, at least the first time, that it be done by a 'trained assessor? Am I right to feel disgruntled? Thanks.


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No, just irritation at more expense for what seems a rather over cautious procedure and interest in what it entails and if it requires an approved HSE inspector.

Jeffrey Shaw

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Ask the Letting Agent for chapter & verse, i.e. precise details of the legislation necessitating the 'legionella' risk assessment.
Let's see if the demand is founded on anything substantive. No, I've not heard of any new laws on the point.
(But nothing that the EU/HSE invent surprises me any more!)
Hi, just looked into this myself, loads of information on most landlord forums, you can go to the HSE website etc, you do need to do one but can do it yourself, just read up on it and prepare your own risk assessment. Its basically if you have a hot and cold water system that is most prone and the water has been stagnant for a while, obviously if a property is going to be empty for a while you can avoid problems by running off the water and closing the stop valves and main stop cock. I just brought a property that was empty for some time and it wasn't emptied, and I have one of the most prone systems, so I have made sure I have done the assessment and will be taking action to cleanse the system. It's not complicated just read up and read up again, its all knowledge to avoid these unnecessary fees, once the risk assessment has been done you don't have to do it again and can reuse it but just need to check once a year and pass it over to the tenant by telling them what they should do, I got mine to sign to say I had informed them to cover myself. Regards Tony