Money claim issue

Our claim for unpaid rent has been forwarded to our tenant from the Money Claims court. However, it arrived after he had been evicted by Bailiffs. Our own Notice of Issue states that it was sent to him on 5th November and will be deemed as having been officially served on the 7th. He has been given until 21st November to respond. What is our best route to ensuring he is aware of this? If we email and text him to advise him that he has been served papers, and advise him of the date that he has to respond by, would this stand up in court as him knowing he's been served? If we tell him he has court papers and he needs to collect them from the property or the lettings agent - what do we do if he won't collect them? We do not have a forwarding address for him. He is seeking access to the property to pick up belongings. Is the best thing just to wait until he comes to that appointment and then serve him the papers?
It was served on T by ordinary post. We don't plan to tamper with it / open it etc... but we do want it to be passed into his hands, and we do not have a forwarding address. Can we hand it to him along with the rest of his post when he comes to collect his belongings?

Jeffrey Shaw

Staff member
Rebecca Brough may comment, in litigation terms, but I'd comment only that the important thing is to prove good service.
If you have no forwarding address for T, it's hard to see where else- other than at the property- a Notice could have been validly served.