Sending my accountant tax return details

chris horne

Staff member
We recently received an email about the option within PM 3.0s to send the tax information to an accountant.

I am wishing to email my accounts to my Accountant, but I am struggling to do this from the Tax Summary. There is the option to Email this page, but it doesn’t send any where.

Please can you let me know if I am doing something wrong.

Just to say, I think your site is brilliant and I tell many people about it.

Well done for offering us this free site.
The answer is that it's quite simple to email all your data to your accountant:

Under the left hand Tax tab there is an option to Email the entire data set. By clicking on this option and filling in your accountants details along with the authentication code you will be able to send him all the information within your PM3.0s account to allow them to prepare the Land and Property Section to your Annual Return.