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The Property Manager 2.0 is FREE Online Property Management software for landlords.

What does the landlord software do?

Our landlord software provides a full package of property management tools. It creates and manages tenancy agreements and other landlord documents and notices, including creating bespoke inventory forms.

The landlord software generates ‘live time’ rent books to enable the tracking of rental data, manages tasks, logs expenses, contacts , utilities and generates reminders.

The landlord software includes integrated financial tools to record expenses, and calculate cashflow, set against interest repayments it calculates a landlord’s tax liabilty formatted ready to be added directly into a landlords tax return.

Will it calculate my tax?

Yes. The landlord software will calculate and then pre-populate the land and property element of an individual landlords self-assessment form.

What do you mean by online software?

Property Manager 2.0 is online software, known as “Cloud computing”, following the lead from industry giants such as Google and Microsoft .It offers landlords FREE property management software hosted on Internet servers. It enables greater flexibility for a landlord to manage all their property management data, to load their rental data from any computer on the net, safe in the knowledge that they can access it later from any other computer or internet device. Property and tenant details, full tenancy and rent information, inventory, loans and cashflow. It’s all there. Landlords are FREE to join our cloud.

How much will the full landlord software cost?

Nothing. The full landlord software is FREE to use FOREVER.

How do you make money?

Good question! We make money from promoting products and services that as experienced landlords, we feel to be worth recommending . We receive a commission on these services as an ‘affiliate’. (You pay the same amount so please support us by using our links.) We also make some money from paid advertisers, but again we are careful who we promote, so to avoid harming our reputation. We also carry Google advertising boxes, which we have limited control over as these are served direct by Google.

How can I help?

To help us grow and improve we need more users, so please tell any friends, relatives, fellow landlords ,letting agents and strangers in the street about us. The bigger our cloud, the better we can make it. Please join in the community on the site, leave comments, become a blogger and email any ideas or improvements for the landlord software. Please use our links, and try to use us as your Landlord’s Homepage. Thanks in advance..

How long have you been going?

The site was launched in June 2006, with the version 1.0 of the Property Manager software. We have improved and evolved since then, launching version 2.0 in November 2008. Please share any ideas for further functions or improvements to the site and landlord software.

Who are you?

Property Hawk is made up of a team of landlords and ‘techies’. The site was started by a small group of landlords who identified the need for a flexible facility to access and record their property management data to make life simpler and easier for landlords.

Is my data safe?

Yes. The data is hosted on our private server and is regularly backed up, encrypted and stored off site. Landlords can also back up all their data on to their own computer's hard drive. We are registered under the Data Protection Act which forbids any personal data being shared with other companies. - Our Privacy Policy

How do I get the landlord software?

Just register to join our cloud and start using instantly.
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Landlord software functions

Management Tools
  • Digital rent book
  • Create and save tenancy agreements
  • Tenancy details
  • Summary of portfolio
  • Expenses log
  • Utilities log
  • Email account
  • Contacts directory
  • Tasks organiser
  • Notes list
  • Inventory
Financial tools
  • Automatic tax calculation
  • Values
  • Loans
  • Equity
  • Cashflow
Software by landlords for landlords.