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PM3 : a new version of the Property Manager software

August 2011 We're releasing a new version of the Property Manager software.

It's faster and crisper, because it loads all your data, then the browser can go between pages without hitting our server. We've added a new look, a bunch of graphs and a sitemap to help you find your way around. PM3 is about 90% complete. We haven't covered the tax pages yet and there are a few outstanding details.

We think it looks best in the Google Chrome browser, but we check it in Internet Explorer as well. It won't work in really old browsers, which is ok because our users have upgraded in the past few years.

Feel free to try it out and tell us how you get on. Just log on as normal, and you'll see your data. Any changes you make will also be in the older PM2 version.

We hope you like it.

The Property Hawk team

Property Manager Screenshot