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    Possession Order & Guarantor

    Can anyone help?
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    Possession Order & Guarantor

    Hello I am about to make an application for possession (S21). A quick question - do I include the Guarantor on the application for possession (assume not and its only the tenant) and is there anything I need to include in relation to the Guarantor? Sorry confused on how I would recover...
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    Electrical Certificate Confusion

    Hi everyone I hope you are well during these crazy times! I have tenancy ending this week, tenant moving out. I have an existing domestic electrical installation certificate issued August 2018. I have seen there are some new rules on electrical certificates - is my certificate above still...
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    Home finder scheme

    Hello I have a prospective tenant with mum/dad acting as guarantors - I have references for mum/dad and seen their free credit reports. I am looking into credit searches, just trying to find one but don't seem to be many out there. Council are going to pay me an incentive - I have assumed...
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    GDPR Privacy

    Hello As a landlord is there a need to service a privacy notice and register with the ICO? Thanks
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    Tenants looking to leave at end of tenancy - section 21

    Hello Sorry I am little confused - tenants are looking to move out at the end of the 12 months fixed term AST which started 24 Aug 18, using Property Hawk AST. Question - Am I right that the last day of the tenancy is 23 Aug 2019 and should I serve Section 21 notice anyway? If yes, what...
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    Hi I have a property being a 1980's purpose built flat that I lived in for 10 years. I have it rented out and my tenants have complained about one thing after another, which I bent over backwards to help with. The latest is mould. I had new windows fitted all with trickle vents. They...
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    Damage to property by ex of tenant

    Hi Jeffrey I have tried to work with the tenant but they seem to be trying it on but everything has been done by email luckily. She has asked council to stop payments to me. Police said cps dropped charges against her boyfriend and I think he is living at the property. But he has emailed...
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    Damage to property by ex of tenant

    I did not raise the other grounds as I was concerned that I would need to give 14 days notice am I wrong? My notice has one error in that I referred to her informing me of something on 22 April but it was actually 21 April - perhaps I should reissue the notice and include the other grounds...
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    Damage to property by ex of tenant

    Hi Jeffrey Thanks, I have served the section 8 notice solely on ground 14 - the tenant is saying she cannot move out as has nowhere to go and only wants to stay 1 month extra -and has said she will give me the 1 months rent up front. If I take the payment and delay action does my section 21...
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    Damage to property by ex of tenant

    Hi the property hawk notice refers to sections 8 and 10 and includes arrears - any idea how I remove this or if there is section 8 notice template I can use for section 14? Should I also use section 10 or 11 for small amount of rent arrears if she does not pay this by the time I serve...
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    Damage to property by ex of tenant

    If I serve section 8 does that mean the section 21 is invalid or stop me asking her to move out ?
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    Damage to property by ex of tenant

    Hi I used property hawk sat and section 21. I served it on 7 march and put 9 May to be on safe side...and as tenant suggested she would prefer end of the week to help her. He is on police bail preventing him return to the property but 1st crim hearing is I think next week and they said breach...
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    Damage to property by ex of tenant

    Hi I served section 21 to end it at end of tenancy. I used the notice on property hawk website