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    Gas Safety Certification during COvid-19 Lockdown

    Hi, Does anyone know whether Gas Safety Checks are still deemed 'essential' during the current Covid-19 Lockdown? I have two properties which need re-certification imminently and I am finding it difficult to find an engineer willing to undertake the work.
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    Tenants have notified me of wish to end tenancy. Is S21 required?

    I have rented a flat to a couple who have decided to separate. The lead tenant has left the property and is living elsewhere. There is not much hope that they will get back together. I have received emails from both tenants saying that one tenant has left. The remaining tenant wishes to...
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    CGT on inherited property

    Hi, In May 1995 my fiancée and I bought a property and lived in it as our principal primary residence. The property title and mortgage were in her name only. In July 1995 we were married and the property title and mortgage remained in her name. She died in February 2004 and I continued to...
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    Tenancy end - date of S21expiry or date tenants evicted/leave

    From 9th January 2015 the LA paid HB directly to the L. On 29th February 2015 the S21 expired The tenants did not leave the property until 14th June 2015 (the day before the bailiff arrived to evict them). The LA terminated HB on expiry of S21 citing that the tenancy had ended Should the LA...
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    Noise and Anti-social behaviour

    Dear Jeffery, I manage two flats located in the same building. On 6th January 2016 I served Form NR6 on the downstairs flat with a termination date of 9th March 2016. Since thent the tenant (with the help of his visitors) has been creating a nuisance in the area with several late night parties...
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    L Repossessing property at end of AST

    Dear Jeffrey, The AST agreement has an initial term from 10-Mar-2015 to 09-Mar-2016. L wishes the T to leave at the end of the AST initial term. L does not want to extend the tenancy after the initial term has expired. Tenancy was granted on the understanding that there would be two people...
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    Actual Payment of Awarded Court Costs

    Hi, How do I obtain payment of awarded court costs of £550? The tenant left the property a few hours before the bailiff arrived with the Warrant for Possession. At the moment, I do not have a forwarding address but should be able to have one soon. Best regards Jeremy
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    County court versus High Court for repossession orders

    Dear Jeffery, What are the differences between county court and high court procedures and criteria when submitting a request for a repossession order and subsequent request for bailiff action? It seems that High Court is more expensive but faster. Is this correct?
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    Delayed "request for possession order and costs"

    Dear Jeffrey, How long should I expect to wait for a court to issue a "request for possession order and costs"? indicates that this should be approximately 2 weeks (based on Central London County Court). 30th March 2015 I returned "Notice of Issue"...
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    Does LA have to inform L that T is receiving housing benefit?

    Dear Jeffrey, In February 2013 I asked T if they had applied for Housing Benefit (HB) as they were experiencing problems with paying the rent. I was told by the tenant on that, and on several subsequent occasions, that they had applied but had not received anything yet. In April 2013 I...
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    Chasing the guarantor

    Dear Jeffery, I am pursuing the guarantor for unpaid rent on a property. If, in the interim, the tenant makes some payments, but not enough to clear the outstanding unpaid rent, do I have to re-submit the claim against the guarantor with updated values? I am also pursuing the guarantor for...
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    Tenants have stopped paying rent and don't reply to letters

    The situation is that I have two flats rented to two related familes. The lead tenant of one flat is the guarantor for the other tenancy. The ASTs on both flats (started on 01-oct-13 and 12-oct-13 respectively) are for one year with a break period after six months. Apart from the first...
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    Tenants claiming 'inconvenience compensation' for water leaks

    Hi, I have tenants who are claiming compensation for the inconvenience resulting from a series of water leaks in the property. The leaks were not as a result of any misuse of the property on their part.. Aug 20 - Leak No 1. The day the tenants moved in water dripped through the dining room...
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    Bed Bugs - Trying to be a good landlord

    I have an end of terrace property that is split into two flats; both of which are rented out. The upstairs 2 bedroom flat is rented to a mother and 3 year old daughter. The downstairs 3 bedroom flat is rented to a family with a 17 year old, a 3 year old and a 5 month old baby. Unfortunately...