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    Possession Order & Guarantor

    Hello I am about to make an application for possession (S21). A quick question - do I include the Guarantor on the application for possession (assume not and its only the tenant) and is there anything I need to include in relation to the Guarantor? Sorry confused on how I would recover...
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    Electrical Certificate Confusion

    Hi everyone I hope you are well during these crazy times! I have tenancy ending this week, tenant moving out. I have an existing domestic electrical installation certificate issued August 2018. I have seen there are some new rules on electrical certificates - is my certificate above still...
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    Home finder scheme

    Hello I have a prospective tenant with mum/dad acting as guarantors - I have references for mum/dad and seen their free credit reports. I am looking into credit searches, just trying to find one but don't seem to be many out there. Council are going to pay me an incentive - I have assumed...
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    GDPR Privacy

    Hello As a landlord is there a need to service a privacy notice and register with the ICO? Thanks
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    Tenants looking to leave at end of tenancy - section 21

    Hello Sorry I am little confused - tenants are looking to move out at the end of the 12 months fixed term AST which started 24 Aug 18, using Property Hawk AST. Question - Am I right that the last day of the tenancy is 23 Aug 2019 and should I serve Section 21 notice anyway? If yes, what...
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    Hi I have a property being a 1980's purpose built flat that I lived in for 10 years. I have it rented out and my tenants have complained about one thing after another, which I bent over backwards to help with. The latest is mould. I had new windows fitted all with trickle vents. They...
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    Damage to property by ex of tenant

    Hi I have a tenant with a young child, who is part working part DSS with benefit paid directly to me. She has a guarantor being her ex boyfriend who is working. Deposit came from ex b an her father. 6 months AST in her name only with her and child only residing at the property. Earlier this...