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    Harassment from Neighbour

    Dear Colleagues, I am being harassed by my neighbour, ever since he decided ( without my permission) to get the Council to drop a kerb on a shared drive and park his cars in a manner which impinge and block access to my house. He has regularly removed plantation and bins from my half of the...
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    Double Glazing Compensation

    Dear Colleagues, I recently had double glazing installed ( that comes with a 10 year guarantee ). Part of the installation was delayed and it was poorly installed once completed. They company have offered compensation ( as they do not want to rectify it because of distance and cost ) for the...
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    Shared drive - Dropped Kerb without my permission

    Dear Colleagues, I share a drive that runs between my house and the person next next door. I was away on holiday and came back to find a dropped kerb and my neighbour has started to park his car in the drive way - blocking access on my side of the drive to my front door. I have checked the...
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    How to enforce a Tribunal Order for Costs

    Dear Colleagues, I successfully won an appeal at the Upper Tribunal Lands Chamber ( as the appellant ) in May 2016,and the Respondent was ordered to pay 700 pounds to me. To this date, he has not paid anything. I wanted to ask how I enforce the order for payment ?. 1) Do I send a letter...
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    Arrears of Rent after Lease Extension

    Dear Colleagues, I am the freeholder and have just granted a lease extension. I have discovered that the leaseholder still owes ground rent going back six years before the lease extension. I wanted to ask the following: 1) Shall I apply to the Residential Property Tribunal first for a...
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    Service of Court Papers on Sub-Tenants

    Dear Colleagues, I'am about to serve Court papers for eviction on a company address ( because of a residential property ) being let to a company (the defendant ). I've gone on to the online HMCS civil procedure rules - CPR55. It states that court papers have to be served on the defendant (...
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    If incorrect Notice to Quit served

    If an NTQ ( notice to quit ) is served which is incorrect / invalid, and then I serve another N.T.Q. on the tenant - should this notice include a letter stating that this notice is enclosed 'without prejudice to the validity of any notices that have been, or may be served' ?.
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    Notice to Quit to Estate Agent

    Dear Colleagues, I'm about to serve a 'Notice to Quit' on my estate agent (as the flat was leased to them). 1) Do I serve the NTQ at their business address or the address of the flat ? ( or both ). 2) Am I entitled to carry on collecting rent from the Estate Agent after service of the NTQ?. 3)...
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    Section 21 Notice after terminating lease with estate agent

    Dear Colleagues If I have leased a property to an estate agent ( starting the 22nd September 2015 ) and then the lease was terminated in March 2016, and I want to start the process to evict the the estate agent and sub-tenants who occupy the property - can you please tell me: 1) Do I have to...
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    FORM N5 if Temporary Accommodation ?

    Dear Colleagues, I let out my flat through an agent as temporary accommodation to the Council ( the occupants are licencees ). Its been over a year and I now need my flat back - I want to do the paperwork myself as the agent is asking an extortionate amount of money to apply for a possession...