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  1. mark_t

    Ending agency contract

    A tenancy has ended and my agent has stopped arranging viewings as I am decorating/repairing the house. I have decided to 'self manage' in future and therefore need to end my contract with the agent. Forgive my cynicism... but am I liable for any charges ('arrangement fees', charges for return...
  2. mark_t


    This seems a fair summary...
  3. mark_t


    No, just irritation at more expense for what seems a rather over cautious procedure and interest in what it entails and if it requires an approved HSE inspector.
  4. mark_t


    I have received a letter from my agent informing of the requirement for a risk assessment for the Legionella bacteria (£90 inc VAT) is this something I could do myself, or is it reccommended, at least the first time, that it be done by a 'trained assessor? Am I right to feel disgruntled? Thanks.