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    How to view your landlord tax expenses for a year

    I'm just looking at filling out my tax return for my rental business and noticed that if you are trying to found out the totals for the relevant tax year you can do this by using the filters under expenses. Simply go to the filters and select: 1. Select address 2. Tax year 3. All categories...
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    Tax return dates

    I have recently received this question about the free landlord software. I'm just taking your software for a 'test-drive', I noticed under Investment > Interest, it runs from April to April, i.e 13 months is that correct? So the interest calculation 24b under Tax Summary > Expenses is...
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    Landlord Tax Calculations

    If landlords are looking at carrying out their self assessment tax calculations don't forget about the free landlord tax advice and calculations in the new advice page.
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    Option to purchase

    We were looking to purchase a Licensed Hotel but unfortunately the numbers did not stack up. We are now considering putting forward a lease with option to purchase but are unsure how to do it. Ideally I would like to talk to a specialised solicitor or finance agent in this regard but cant seem...
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    Thanks for your patience - Landlord Forum

    As some of the forum visitors may have noticed we have had "one or two" teething problems with getting the Forum working since the we have relaunched the new version of the site. Well I am pleased to report that our 'Stig' has found the loose connection. He has plugged in the missing connector...
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    HMOs license schemes

    Thanks for posting this and hopefully you will get some useful comments. On a general note on landlord licences you are more than welcome to take some of my previous comments on Landlord Licences or the wholesale licensing of landlords. In essence the problem is that a low hurdle rate of...
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    How to renew a tenancy?

    I have recently received this question through the website. Wondered if there were any thoughts on the best approach to stay legal:
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    Editing rental figures to reflect a rent increase

    Firstly, you need to be aware of the legal side of raising the rent. The easiest thing to reflect this change in rent is to create a new tenancy in the landlord software. This way each of the new rent requests will reflect the increased rent all other aspects of the tenancy will stay the same...
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    Editing rental figures to reflect a rent increase

    I recently received this question: Can you tell me how I edit the rental figure to reflect a rent increase? I can only seem to edit each one individually but want the system to generate the new rental figure.
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    Can I take possession if my tenant gives me access?

    Hi Eveready, I think from your post that you may have already received a Possession Order from the Court. I assume the 14 days for the tenant to move out has expired. In this scenario the answer is simple you cannot do the eviction yourself but you need to employ a bayliff to do the job for...
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    Annual reminder for GSC

    I recently received an email asking this question: The answer is pretty simple we do and to use it: 1. Login to the Property Manager 2. Go to Task/Reminder in the left hand tool bar and click to bring down the drop down 3. Then click the 2nd option Tasks 4. Click on Add New Task 5. Under...
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    What has the taxman got instore for landlords in 2017?

    This guidance looks at a landlords income tax obligations in 2017 taking into account the latest changes.
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    Normal Expenses - Mileage, Home Office Allowance etc...

    Hi Brad, Adding the allowable rental expenses under other would work. The main thing is calculating the correct amount that what the Revenue is really concerned with. Chris
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    Inventory Forms

    Useful suggestion and thanks for your contribution about the free inventory forms . We will have a look at how we can update it. Chris
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    Residential inventory - emailing

    I have recently received an enquiry from a Property Manager user who wanted to know how to email directly a copy of their property inventory to tenants. Currently it is not possible to email out straight from PM3.0s. So landlords will need to download the inventory form and then attach the PDF...
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    Uploading forms - suggestion

    Hi Brad, Thanks for the suggestion we will look at incorporating this feature in future upgrades. As you should be aware that photos in themselves aren't the only thing or the best way of resolving tenancy deposit disputes as we explain in this article on landlord inventory deposit disputes...
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    Inventory Forms

    Hi the form is not editable unless you use a PDF editor. Same with the remarks. You can add in comments to your inventory forms by hand using the good old fashioned pen and ink.
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    Long term tenants and happy

    Hi Martin, first of all well done for keeping your tenants for such a long time. You must be doing something right. I have to say that I've never lost a tenancy agreement but I would be the first to admit that paper work is not my strong point. I would say that you do need a written tenancy...
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    Setting reminder dates

    To set your reminder dates for specific properties all you need to do is login to your PM3.0s account and on the left hand side under tasks/reminders add in the task. You can attribute the task to a specific property and also give it a completion date with notes. The regularity of the email...