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    Actual Payment of Awarded Court Costs

    Hi - sorry for the delay in picking up this post - If the Bailiff attended the property and you gained access - his warrant has been executed and you have possession of the property. You can now do what you want with the property - ie relet it. In terms of the items left by the tenants - we...
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    deposit protected late - what are my options?

    Hi Gus - I think it would be easier to have a chat with you on the phone as opposed to us going back and forth - my direct line is 01623 448331
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    County court versus High Court for repossession orders

    Hi Yes you are correct the High Court Sheriff is faster but more expensive. But also you need to get an order from the County Court transferring the matter up to the High Court for enforcement. This can be asked for the in the course of the possession proceedings, however if it is not you...
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    AST deposit protection rules to change (again!)

    just to clarify deposits taken on fixed term and periodic tenancies arising before 6.4.07 do not need to be protected now, the tenant can not claim compensation. However the landlord can not serve a section 21 notice until the deposit has either been protected or returned to the tenant. It is...
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    AST deposit protection rules to change (again!)

    Hi Just to update on the deposit rules with the Deregulation Act - the Act hasn't changed the rules, it has just clarified some issues raised with decisions in the court. The rules are: you must protect your deposit within 30 days within one of the schemes and you must serve the prescribed...
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    Delayed "request for possession order and costs"

    Hi Sorry for the delay in replying. We normally advise that it takes 6 weeks from the date the court receive the form until the possession order is made. However, some courts are busier than others, we have had difficulty with claims taking time through Dartford County Court. However, you...
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    Section 21 Notice service date

    Hi Chris Chris Horne has asked me to reply to you. I can confirm that your Notice is correct based on the information you have put. The law regarding time for section 21 notices changed just over a year a go - the position now is that you need to use Section 21(1)(b) Notice and you just...
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    N5B Completion

    Hi Firstly you do not need to give them a new S.21 Notice - the one you have served remains valid until the tenancy is brought to an end. In terms of the agreement to retain the deposit in lieu of rent arrears - did you get something signed by the tenant agreeing to this? If not, can you get...
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    MCOL requesting judgement

    Hi You can request that Judgment be entered at the old address - the papers were served on him when he lived there, so you just need to fill out the form requesting judgment. I would advice that you ask for immediate payment. Once you have received judgment you can sent him a copy to his...
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    Questions re Form N5B

    Hi Sally Firstly the Court complete the Certificate of Service section on the form. The N215 is an extra piece of security to show that the Section 21 Notice was served - I would try and getting your Letting Agent to do this, I can not see any reason why they would not. However, as you have...
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    Form N325 - Warrant for Possession

    Provided the Bailiff can gain access with keys or assistance from a locksmith he will execute his warrant - which means that you have possession and can change the locks. If the tenants are not there but have left some/all their possessions they will then need to make arrangements for access...
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    Form N325 - Warrant for Possession

    Hi - Jeffrey has said what I was going to say - however, I would advise that whoever you send it accompanied by a locksmith - if the locks have been changed by the tenant, the Bailiff will not be able to execute the warrant without access to the property - and in any event you will want to...
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    Pursuing tenant for rent arrears

    I would advise that you issue court proceedings now, as the tenant may move and you won't know where they are to issue proceedings against them. You can put the 8 months rent in but in your particulars state that you also wish to claim any ongoing rent up to and including the date that the...
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    Form N325 - Warrant for Possession

    Hi I am not sure if the court will need a form for each possession order - it is best to discuss this with the court office
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    Form N325 - Warrant for Possession

    sorry for the late reply and I hope it reaches you in time - I was doing a course for landlords for property hawk on Friday! Although you are not likely to get the costs back I would advise filling this section in - at (A) put in the amount shown on the Possession Order, (b) repeat that sum...
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    Pursuing tenant for rent arrears

    you can choose your local county court - however the tenant can request that it is transferred to their local court - it is always the defendant's right to have the matter heard at their local court
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    Pursuing tenant for rent arrears

    yes - calculate the interest and include this. In terms of not having a date for moving out, remove the bit about the date the tenant is leaving. In terms of letters from the letting agents - if the claim is admitted you just get judgment, if the claim is denied you can then put evidence to...
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    Money claim

    no you don't need to send a letter before acton
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    Pursuing tenant for rent arrears

    Hi Serena Ignore "Fee account number". In details of claim just put - a claim for rent arrears in the sum of £** arising out of a tenancy agreement entered into on ** In particulars of Claim you need to put details of the claim - put in when the tenancy agreement was entered into, when the...
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    Form N325 - Warrant for Possession

    As you have 2 possession orders this is the only way forward - however for future reference if you have joint tenants your section 21 is addressed to both - you can send a copy to each, you then issue court proceedings against both on one court form, and then you only need one request for a warrant