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    Hi I have discovered that there is an infestation of moths at one of my properties. The tenants had not informed me, although when I visited a couple of months ago, they said they had previously had a problem with moths that they had resolved. It now seems that the moths are active and eating...
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    Furnished -> Unfurnished

    Hi I have a house that I let out initially to students and friends of my sons who lived there too. It was furnished, and the rent was quite low. My sons have long left the property and the house is now let to young professionals some of whom have been there for years. They have individual...
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    Gas Safety Certificate - liability

    Hi I have a property which is fully managed by a letting agent, and I am an accredited landlord in the area. Twice I have received emails from the council (because of the accreditation) saying that the Gas Safety Certificate was out of date - on one occasion by 4 months. In both cases I...
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    Selling BTL property - but still have tenants in residence

    Thanks for your reply. Do I have to wait until October for that tenancy agreement to end or can I give her notice before then?
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    BTL mortgage for first time buyer

    Hi I have a number of properties that I have been letting for some years, and am now keen to help my son get into the business. I am prepared to help him with the deposit for his first property, but on looking for BTL mortgages it seems that most require someone to be a property owner already...
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    Selling BTL property - but still have tenants in residence

    Hi I have a property that I have been letting for a while but due to circumstances now need to sell. Tenants rent their room and have individual AST's. All except one have reached the end of the original agreement and are now rolling over month by month, so I guess I could give a months notice...