Cheeky tenants trying to get a free holiday trip ..

Story and facts:

We had agreed with our tenants that during the renovation works (slow water drain) of one of the bathrooms, we would relocate them and pay for the relocation costs.

We had initially agreed that we would simply pick the bill. They came back asking for us to give them a time estimate of the works for us to agree on a period of time and for them to go and rent an accommodation themselves corresponding to the indicated maximum period of time. We asked our plumber who indicated a maximum of 2 weeks for the period. We therefore kindly deducted 2 weeks of rent (to be safe) and agreed on a time for the works to start. All was agreed without problems.

2 days before the works, the tenants mentioned to us that they had to travel overseas to attend some "unexpected family duties", during the exact period of the maximum expected period of the works (2 weeks). When they came back from holidays, we asked them for a receipt of the relocation cost that they were supposed to incur for us to be able to have an evidence that they did incur this relocation costs. They answered that they did not rent a relocation place and instead proposed to send us their flight tickets as a proof that they incurred a cost of some sort.

What should be do here ? simply require a relocation invoice evidence and if not available, tell them that we had not at all agreed on paying for an "unexpected trip of any sort" ?

It seems very cheeky to try to get a holiday trip for free and we feel that this should be a straight forward conversation but would appreciate some support on this conversation.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Tell your tenants that when you meant 'relocation' - common sense dictates that it meant relocation inside the United Kingdom - the country where they originally lived before the bathroom had to be renovated.