Delayed "request for possession order and costs"

Dear Jeffrey,

How long should I expect to wait for a court to issue a "request for possession order and costs"? indicates that this should be approximately 2 weeks (based on Central London County Court).

30th March 2015 I returned "Notice of Issue" to Dartford County Court
After two weeks I phoned and was told that it was "in front of the judge" and is likely to be processed within a week.
After four weeks, I phoned and was told (by another person) that the previous person should not have mentioned how long it is likely to take but that they would move it to the urgent pile.
After six weeks , I phoned and was told (by a third person) that there was no such thing as the urgent pile and that it would take as long as it takes. I said I would now phone each week to get an update on progress and was told that it would be pointless to do so as it only wasted their time answering the phone.

Of course, in the meantime the T is not paying the rent.

How long should I wait before submitting an official complaint regarding the court's dilatory action?

Sorry for the delay in replying. We normally advise that it takes 6 weeks from the date the court receive the form until the possession order is made. However, some courts are busier than others, we have had difficulty with claims taking time through Dartford County Court. However, you should get your order shortly, but as you have found there is nothing you can do to speed things up.
Dear Rebecca,

Thank you for your advice on the timings, which was more accurate than that given on the Property Hawk website.

It transpired that judgement was made on 11th May which was exactly 6 weeks from date of submission. However, we were not informed of the result until 19th May. It seems that there were so many other dissatisfied claimants phoning the court officials requesting updates that they were unable to write to us for 7 days.