Double Glazing Compensation

Dear Colleagues,

I recently had double glazing installed ( that comes with a 10 year guarantee ). Part of the installation was delayed and it was poorly installed once completed.
They company have offered compensation ( as they do not want to rectify it because of distance and cost ) for the above which I want to accept ( the company increased their offer after I told them that I may get FENSA to come and inspect the installation ).
What I wanted to ask was, how do I accept the offer without prejudicing / compromising their 10 year guarantee and the FENSA certificate?.


p.s. FENSA are a third party quality control regulator for double glaze windows.

Jeffrey Shaw

Staff member
1. First, ask FENSA what the effect of your accepting compensation from the contractor (C), in lieu of it rectifying its defective work, would be. I guess that the guarantee ought to be unaffected but FENSA is best placed to tell you.
2. Then write a letter to C, marking it 'Without Prejudice'. This wording means that C cannot rely upon anything in the letter in any proceedings that might follow. Keep a copy of the letter and of all other correspondence passing to and fro.
3. You might express your wishes something like this:
"I am conditionally willing to accept your offer of £xxx from you (but nothing in this letter constitututes accepatance as yet) being compensation for the delayed and defective installation of double-glazing at my property (address xxx) if you are willing to confirm in writing that- in consideration of my accepting such compensation in lieu of your rectifying the defects- you agree:
a. to preserve in force the ten-year guarantee that you issued to me dated xxx; and
b. not to seek to invalidate either that guarantee or the FENSA certificate dated xxx

NOTE: This reply is given in good faith but without my knowing any facts other than what your post contains- so I must exclude any liability on my part.