External windows - Check out cleaning - Tenant responsibility

Dear Sir or Madam,

We are having a conversation with a tenant regarding the cleaning of the external windows at check out, for our property rental (AST).

The tenant did book a professional cleaning company for the tenancy check-out but the cleaning company he selected does not provide an external window cleaning service. So the windows were not cleaned at check out.

We contacted the tenant on the subject who agreed that the windows had not been cleaned at check out.

In order to explain the situation, he first said that the company didn't have time to complete their work on check out and therefore didn't clean external windows. When we asked him why he didnt ask them to come back to complete their job (they provide a satisfaction guarantee in cases clients are not happy - Fyi, we only discovered later that they only do internal window cleaning), he changed version by saying that in fact he had cleaned external windows himself but only 3 weeks before the check out&inventory date and the weather has been rainy between the day he cleaned the external windows and check out day.

As well, he said that
1/he is not supposed to provide a satisfactory level to the cleaning of the windows. Provided that he says that he has cleaned the windows 3 weeks before the check out date and therefore respects one of the tenancy clauses (see below), that should be good enough for the landlord,
2/anyway, as a tenant, he is not obliged to clean professionally external windows,
3/he will not amend his work or accept to pay for a professional cleaning company to come and clean external windows.

Our tenancy agreement says the below:

Clause 1: To clean to (or pay for the cleaning to) a professional standard, the premises, its fixtures and fittings, including the steam cleaning of any carpets, curtains (including net curtains), blankets, bedding, upholstery etc. which have become soiled, stained or marked during the tenancy. To provide, upon request, receipts to the Landlord to demonstrate compliance with this clause.

Clause 2: Tenant shall arrange and pay for the property to be professional cleaned at the end of the Tenancy or earlier expiry.

Clause 3: To clean or have cleaned both internally and externally all reasonably accessible windows of the premises as necessary during the tenancy, and within one month prior to the end of the tenancy.

Otherwise the inventory person mentioned to us that the windows had not been cleaned externally.

Please see below check-in and check-out reports:

At check-in, the inventory report said:
General summary section: Frame have been repainted and windows are in good clean order.
Window cleaning section: Internal glazing has been well cleaned and external glazing slightly weathered but generally clean.

At check-out, the inventory report said:
General section: Glazing was generally clean to internal sides and slight weathering to external glazing.
Window cleaning section: Windows generally clean to internal side. Weathering to external side.

Based on the above, can the landlord ask the tenant to amend the situation regarding the external window cleaning? can the landlord provide the tenant with an estimate quote from a professional cleaning company?

Thank you.

Best regards,
Dear Jeffrey,
Many thanks for your message.
The problem is that the windows were dirty on check out day.
So what are we supposed to do here? accept dirty windows on check out day and windows that were worse at check-out than at check-in?
Otherwise, regarding the clauses, in the tenancy agreement, there are 2 types of clauses: clauses for regular cleaning during the stay (clause 3) and special check-out clauses (1 and2).