Help needed with ticking off paid rents

Hi, I'm new to property letting and to using the property manager, finding it very usefull so far but having a problem with marking that the rent has been paid.

I started a new tenancy on 14/12/2012 so had the first months rent at that time and now I have also had the second months rent paid to me on 14/01/2013. However all of my rent balances in the property manager are still zero, when I try to tick a rent as paid it says there are no outstanding rent payments.
I have read advice on here about similar problems and made sure that my dates are all filled in correctly and the term in months is correctly filled in as 6 months. I feel as if I've checked everything and also had my partner check as well to see if I'm missing anything obvious but still not having any luck.
Any help would be gratefully appreciated, thanks in advance, Steve.

Jonathan Clarke

Staff member
Hi Stephen,

A further thought. If you've entered a sold date or amount against the address, then the system considers the property sold and won't generate further rents. That's a common reason for this situation.