HM Land Registry

Jeffrey Shaw

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This thread is all about HMLR which registers title to land and property in England & Wales.
Its website is at where lay users (= General Public, rather than solicitors etc.) can find a lot of free information. One can also buy online, for £4, a copy of just about any registered title's entries or title plan or (for a larger fee) most deeds and documents to which a title's entries cross-refer.

Jeffrey Shaw

Staff member

For several years, there has been a 25% discount on voluntary registration of title at HMLR.
Such registration is often desirable if the owner (O):
a. has ownership that is doubtful;
b. acquired by several different deeds or the ownership is otherwise messy;
c. anticipates redevelopment transactions or other sales-off; or
d. wants to erect a 'tripwire' so that no-one else can attempt to register any part of the land (or any rights over it) without the Chief Land Registrar having to notify O in advance and O then having an opportunity to object (usually unavailable if O's identity and address are unknown to HMLR).

For that matter, elderly owners often acquired before compulsory registration (triggered by transactions) applied in their local authority's area.

So, all in all, it's a good idea!