How to avoid being ripped off by a building managing agent

Dear Members,

I live in a block of flats served by a really under-performing managing agent. The level is so bad and the impunity so high (services not delivered but charged, invoices that do not correspond to submitted services, total lack of communication and transparency).

The level of frustration is high so am quite ready to spend the necessary time on this to understand what my basic rights are here.

Can someone help me get a view on what I entitled to, in term of disclosure to start with? basically, what a managing agent is obliged to disclose? is it accounts, invoices etc..

As well, can I impose on the managing agent to check with me each time they are thinking about delivering a service to our bloc of flats? Just to make sure that the service is actually delivered as opposed to flying invoice items that never correspond to the reality on the ground.

Finally, can someone help me understand what a complain to a regulator effectively brings please? will a regulator spend the time going to the abuse cases or do they cover their own members and one usually gets very little from them?

Thank you!


Jeffrey Shaw

Staff member
Too complex to answer here in full, but there are at least three main approaches:
1. Collective Right To Enfranchise . At least 50% of block's leaseholders purchase the freehold reversion.
2. Collective Right To Manage, removing management powers but leaving f/r ownership unchanged.
3. Individual Statutory Notice seeking full service charge information.

Contact me direct if you want to discuss these issues and the way forwards,
Hi, I have been through this same situation myself in the past.

I would suggest the first step you should take is to try and mobilise the other leaseholders to form a group. It is almost certain that many of them will share the same frustrations and you will be in a much stronger position to take action going forward.