I suspect tenants are committing fraud

I let my flat out a month ago. It’s my first ever time doing this so I have used an agent to manage it.

I suspect the tenants may be committing fraud (maybe in my name & that address) is there anyway I can find out? Would obtaining my own credit report help?

Jeffrey Shaw

Staff member
Be careful always not to commit inadvertent defamation- as yet, you cannot prove fraud, so don't allege it until you have clear evidence.
Things to do:
1. Verify what details HM Land Registry has for you as owner of the leasehold flat- e.g. your correct home address. Perhaps ask for an anti-fraud notice: see https://www.gov.uk/protect-land-property-from-fraud
2. Also check with your bank.
3. Yes, look too at your Credit File. Try Equifax and/or Experian.