New contract or not


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Dear All,
Last month, our tenants contacted us letting us know, via the 3 month period clause (mailed letter) , that they would be leaving our flat at the end of November.
Early this month they told us that they wanted to stay for another 12 months with a 6 month break out clause (still with a the usual 3 month period clause).
What is preferable to do here please?
1/ tear the old contract and draw a new one starting now, with a 14 month tenancy period, an 8 month break out clause (and the usual 3 month period clause)
2/ another solution with a side letter ? we are not very familiar with this concept so thought about asking you.
Thank you.

Jeffrey Shaw

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1. T has given Notice to terminate the existing letting.
2. So make T pay your legal fees for revising the situation, esp. as T cannot make you do this at all!
3. Yes, you'll need to grant a new letting AND to re-protect T's deposit.
4. This can begin either now or on the date after the old one's term ends.