Questions 7a and 7b on application form N5B

Jeffrey Shaw

Staff member
I've received this question from a landlord seeking possession. As I don't handle litigation, can you answer it for her?

Just before I submit my n5b accelerated possession form please could you clarify what question 7b refers to in regards to whether I received a deposit in form of property and whether I returned it on service of section21...I already answered 7a which asked if i received money deposit and yes I secured it in a scheme..but do I have to return the deposit before the tenant checks out of using the accelerated possession as she may leave with damages...I have to submit the papers today and don't know what the question means in relation to deposit on form of property.
Hi Jeffrey

You can tell her to ignore section 7(b) that is only if you have taken a deposit in any form other than money.

Regarding a monetary deposit - no you don't have to return that to the tenant. Re: the protection of the deposit - did she give the tenant the prescribed information, this is a document that you print off from the tenancy deposit scheme, fill in the details and hand to the tenant - if she hasn't she can't serve a section 21 notice.