Short period of time between tenancies - impact on damage repair

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would need answers on the below, please:

Tenant sent notice period in mid June 2020 for an exit in early August 2020.

In the notice, the tenant mentions that the wife is pregnant and that no visits to take place during the period.

Tenancy agreement says:
"During the last three months of the tenancy, upon a minimum of 24 hours prior written notification, to permit the premises to be viewed during working hours and or at other reasonable times including at week-ends by prospective tenants or purchasers who are authorised to do so by the Landlord or his appointed agent. Except where mutually agreed otherwise with the tenant, the Landlord or his authorised agent or representative will accompany these viewing appointments."

Question1: is the tenant allowed to block visits that way, claiming that his wife is a vulnerable person? with the Covid, we are not entirely sure.

Despite the video only flat visiting, we managed to find new tenants who entered only 4 days after the end of the tenancy, so a very short period of transition.

During the 4 days, we carried renovation but for some damaged items, the technician didnt have the time to get the spare parts& carry repairs so we had to decide to replace altogether some broken parts.

Question2: given that we were not given access to the property during the notice period, can we claim that the tenant is responsible for the level of replacement as oppose to repair that had to take place over the 4 days between tenancies? damaged items were mainly bathroom items like showers, loo seats, bath siphon.

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Jeffrey Shaw

Staff member
1. Although the clause allows L access, remember that T has exclusive possession during the Letting's term. T always has the right to refuse access. L cannot force entry- that would be harassment.
2. In any event, when T has to hand-back the property, it must be in the state of repair- and with the contents- that the Letting Agreement specifies.