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As a landlord Chris Horne was busy managing developing property at the same time as holding down a full time job.

As his portfolio grew he realised that managing property using lists scribbled on the back of old envelopes was no longer working. Things were been forgotten, finances weren’t been tracked properly and too much time was been wasted searching for lost forms or rent receipts around the house, shouting “I’m sure I left it on the table.”

In 2005 Chris saw the potential of online software to allow him to gain access to his property management data from not just his home computer, but from work as well, or mobile devices. However the few systems out there that offered this option were very much professional applications for large letting agents costing thousands of pounds a year. He didn’t like the sound of paying that but it did give him an idea.

After various meetings and research he set about launching a site that could give landlords the tools to manage their property online, he formed a company and finally in 2006 we launched the site Property Hawk.

‘Surely there’s no such thing as a free lunch’?

No you’re right, there isn’t. We try to make money from our users through advertising much in the same way as Facebook or Google do with their services. We hope that users will come to appreciate our services and realise we are trying to help them as much as we can, including the products we offer, such as our discounted landlord insurance deals with Alan Boswell or our brilliant award winning BTL mortgage search tool. Through each of these great products we make an affiliate commission if a landlord purchases a product. So it pays for us to seek out the best products and services we can.

We also make some money through the Google Adwords that appear on many of the pages in the site, with these Google pays us a amount for each advert that a user clicks. These are not products that we choose but ones that Google has selected to fit with our users interests.

The future

To look to the future its always worth reviewing the past. When we launched back in 2006 we were the first free landlord software availiable on the internet. A few have launched since then and most of these are now defunct, dissapeared along with the other millions of internet pipe dreams that make grand promises, then pop off never to be heard of again.

That’s fine if it’s just a website providing information, but it’s far from ideal if you’ve put in hours of work creating all your property management data.

We however are now fully established and are here for the long haul. We launched Property Manager version 1.0 in 2006, updated to PM2.0 in 2008, then PM3.0 in 2012 and most recently, in July 2014, PM3s.

We are committed to staying FREE FOREVER

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