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  • Create a free tenancy agreement form, save and edit a tenancy agreement template FREE FOREVER.
  • Our Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement was prepared by Fidler & Pepper Solicitors.
  • Download Section 21 notice and all other required landlord notices FREE.
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  • Joint tenancy agreements available
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Landlords should be warned there are a number of suspect FREE tenancy agreement forms available from the Internet. Many of these FREE tenancy agreements have not been prepared by a solicitor. If a landlord is not confident in the quality of the tenancy agreement, our advice to landlords is not to use them.

If a rent agreement is not correctly constructed and a tenant issue occurs, the tenant agreement form may not legally be worth the paper it’s written on.

Our tenancy agreement form can be used by landlords in England and Wales.

Alongside our private tenancy agreement, landlords can create and download the various prescribed information forms required alongside the tenancy agreement.

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