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We probably should have posted some testimonials ages ago, but we have been busy doing other stuff, (developing the software etc.). Plus, I suppose we are not the type of characters who feel comfortable about blowing too hard on our own trumpets. Saying that, here we blow!

We have cut and pasted some comments from users since January 2009.

Some comments from September 2014

I love this site – making my life easy! – Steve

I use Property Hawk all day every day .. we had tried many different property management programmes over the years and The Hawk (as one of my colleagues calls it) is by far and away the best. Provides easy to use and understand information for the property managers and provides top notch accounting information for me – Lesley

Can I take this opportunity to thank you all at Property Hawk because I’ve been using this system for a few years now and think it’s the best thing since sliced onions. – Jo

Some comments from July 2014 following the launch of PM3s

New look and features is intuitive and more user friendly. Good Job

Everything in one place and easy to manage.

Just gotta say, this is a fantastic system for managing my personal portfolio. Easy to use, clear and concise. I currently have 3 letting agencies, I am qualified and member of the NAEA, ARLA, APIP, CIarb, and briefly worked as an adjudicator for a dispute service. I’m trying out PM3s right now and its great. Please keep this going, it’s invaluable.

Great bit of free software.

Just logged on and I like the new look PM3. 🙂

Very simple, very slick, very nice.

I like the new look, much sleeker and cleaner. Easy to manage the pages.

Overall, this seems to be a good improvement on PM3.

This is a brilliant simple way of managing properties especially when you are just starting out.

I used another software called ********* but this is much easier and simple to use. ( I edited the name of the software so not to annoy our competition )

Comment from June 2013

Just want to say you are providing an amazing website and software. My house suddenly let out overnight as a house fell through for someone. Suddenly I had no time to prepare an inventory and came across your software. Was expecting the usual con of its “free” to register and look it at it, then £x for this feature , £y for this feature. But no it seems to be all free , only used it for one day so far to prepare an inventory. However it looks like it has so many more features, once I have time I will try them out. As a new landlord this looks like it will be a godsend. – Hugh

Comment from September 2012

Hi, Just out of the blue, I want to thank you for use of your fabulous software. I have used it for 5 years and honestly don’t know what I would do without it. I would love to be able to input data for my holiday let but it adds it upon rentals so would confuse me when I do my tax return. Can’t wait until you add that facility….if you ever do. – One very happy user

Comment from April 2012

Hi, I’m a landlord who has previously always let my property through an agency on a fully managed scheme but fed up with paying their fees I thought it can’t be that difficult so I decided to go it alone.  Your site has proved invaluable to me with the ready made forms and advice and it keeps me updated with your regular emails covering the legal side of things.  Well done! – Liz

Comments from March 2012 ( post PM3.0 launch )

Just downloaded your software, which is amazing, I am over the moon with it. – Chris

Spent months trying to find a decent landlord software package, and this it, and its free, bonus. – Anon

Comment from July 2011.

“I LOVE your website. I have found it the most useful tool, thus far, on the internet (and I use the internet a lot) so many thanks for being so fab.”-Sam

Comment from March 2011.

“We only had a short stint at being landlords (6 months) & now we have decided to go back to the original plan & sell but I would like to thank you all at property hawk for a fantastic service. Your site makes something very scary to newby landlords, very manageable. I have already got a friend in a similar situation to us using your site & will always recommend Property Hawk..” – Amy.

When I couldn’t get in I tried others they are a load of rubbish compared to yours very fast response to my problem can’t praise you enough. Thanks again – Martyn

Comment from November 2010.

I liked this one ….

“I have just discovered you on the web and find it amazing that such a software is free of charge to use. I will be recommending your site to everyone I know. Thanks –  Ejaz”

Comment from July 2010.

It’s been a while but we have other things to do other than keep posting compliments. This glowing feedback has just come through and I thought it would be worth popping up.

“Hi there, I let out my own home 2 years ago to help fund my voluntary work overseas, and I am now about to move back in. I just want to say how very helpful I have found the website and the free inventory software. it has been SO useful, as I knew nothing at all about letting property. Thank you so much again, and keep up the good work. I have no hesitation in recommending you, and am passing the word on. Best wishes Athena”

Comments during July 2009.

“I think the inventory creating software is excellent & so easy to use. Even I can manage it!” – James

“Keep up the great work — your site is invaluable!” – Dave B

“You guys are doing a great job.” – Amir

“Many thanks and keep up the good work, you have a fantastic website.” – Matt

“As a small BTL investor, I’ve been following your site for the last year or so. I read every newsletter with great interest and find your features, articles and website very helpful.” – Russell

“I came across your site whilst looking for an inventory template – I have to say that I was very impressed by the content on the site. I got a real sense that the website was trying to be a genuinely helpful resource for landlords – I believe that it is.” – Karen

“I really like your site and use it often.” – Sarah

“I am very impressed with The Property Hawk site; thank you very much for providing and maintaining it.” – Michelle

“Thanks a lot for providing a free service it’s a great system to have and makes accessing my information online anywhere very easy.” – Omid

“It’s such a good tool.” – Carol

Comments during March 2009.

“Can I say how really impressed I am with your Property Manager software. I started using it the other day and I have already recommended it to two of my BTL friends.” James

“Thanks for such a useful site.” – Peter

“Love the site!” – Lee

“Just wanted to thank you for the Property Manager which I have been using for about the last 12 months and is becoming an invaluable tool for me in managing my 12 properties.” – Karim

“The free property manager that you provide is brilliant, thank you.” – Mark

“I love the new improvements.” – Panx

Comments during Febuary 2009.

“Thank you for such a great service.” – Rachel.

“I am using your landlords management software which is excellent.” – Catherine.

“I have just registered on your site, and firstly would like to say how informative and helpful it is.Thank you.” – Chris.

“The software is great very helpful.” – Ken.

“I am a landlord of an HMO, and use your software to manage my property, and I find it excellent.” – Dominic.

Comments during January 2009.

“Hi, I am a user of your software and think it is great.” – Ben.

“Can I just add a word of congrats? It is a massively useful and compelling resource. Not sure in truth what we would do without it, now. We are both letting agents and have separate programmes that suit that management purpose for our business needs, but it’s not the same as the property investor’s tool that you have created (although close – the right way to look at the point I am making is that we could not put our personal portfolio into our current management software and get anything like the service we do out of P/Hawk, not by a long way).” – Andy.

“Thank you so much and congratulations on creating a fantastic resource. ” – Judy.

“I love your system.” – Steve.

“Let me congratulate you on the excellent services you provide to landlords in an increasingly more hostile environment.” – Nick.

“Thanks for supplying such a good service.” – Yvette.

“I have to say the product is an absolutely fantastic one – well done!!” – Charles.

“I have found the website to be tremendously useful and easy to use” – Wendy P.

“It’s a great program and I use it a lot.” – John A.”I am finding the property manager invaluable.” Wendy J. (We are very popular with Wendys)

“Firstly just to say that I do like the property management software, really easy to use.” – James.

“Firstly, many thanks for a fantastic site – it has saved me thousands of pounds in agents fees and not making costly mistakes. Until today I have found all the information I need on the site…” – John.P.

Trumpet blown. We will 
endeavour to add more ‘umpapaaa-umpapapaa’ over the coming months. PH

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