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Landlords Bible

Welcome to the Landlords Bible.

Use the Index to navigate around this FREE advice for landlords and sharing our experience of investing in buy-to-let property.

The Landlords Bible was written to help both experienced and novice landlords to invest, manage and let out residential property in the UK. Full of helpful tips and facts it provides   both a beginners guide and a useful resource for more experienced landlords to refer to.

The Landlord Bible provides comprehensive education & advice on regulatory, financial and practical matters involved with the buy-to-let sector as well as a Guide For New Landlords.

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The Landlords Bible is edited by Chris Horne.

Chris in his own words:

“Well I guess my fascination with building and property started as a child.  Maybe it comes from a primal sense of the need to find shelter.  I remember marvelling at the skills of some of my parent’s friends who were in the building game. Bricks, plumbing, structures; they were all real and tangible and I liked that.  Later on as I studied at university in Bristol I remember ruminating on my future career path.  It was the time of the 1980’s property boom.  Prices were going through the roof and my experience of student landlords was that they drove around in Porsches and appeared to do very little I also liked that.  Hence my lifetime fascination with property.”

Chris Horne (45), a qualified town planner and surveyor as well as being the author of the ‘Landlords Bible’ has been involved in all aspects of property from working as a planner in a local authority dealing with planning applications to being a consultant in the oldest surveying practice Drivers Jonas in the West End of London.  In this role, he advised Westminster City Council on the future development of the country’s largest retail areas such as Oxford Street and Covent Garden.  He has worked as a Development Manager for the national regeneration agency English Partnerships being involved in the Midlands in some of the UK’S biggest regeneration projects.  He has also been a property investor and developer since 1990 and has built up and maintained his own property portfolio since that time.  It was his experience at trying to manage his expanding property portfolio whilst maintaining a demanding professional life, which convinced him that there was a need for a new kind of management tool for busy property investors.  He, therefore, set about the task of developing an online property management solution for landlords.  Hence the site the Landlords Homepage. Through this site and the ‘Landlords Bible’, he hopes to inspire and help a whole new generation of property investors pursue and achieve their property investment goals.

Landlord Bible Chapters

Forms for Letting Property

Finance and Tax on Rental Property

Rental Property Regulations

Investing in BTL Property

Managing Rental Property

Letting Rental Property

Legislation of Letting Property

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