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Landlord Council Tax – Who Pays?

Published on: 16th December 2020

Landlord council tax Most landlords who let a property that is tenanted will not be liable for council tax. This is because where a property is occupied by a tenant; it’s the tenants who are responsible for meeting the costs of the council tax charge. However, there will be occasions and situations where a landlord […]

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Allowable expenses on a rental property

What are the allowable expenses on a rental property? Landlords looking at how to claim expenses on their rental property will also need to know what are the allowable expenses for the purposes of landlord tax. I’ve been contacted recently by several landlords who were enquiring whether some of their recent building works on their […]

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Landlords Tax Deadlines

Published on: 14th December 2020

Landlords essential tax dates 2020/21 I know the last thing landlords want to be thinking about is landlord tax. Especially when the value of our buy-to-let property investments are falling like a stone and in some places rents now appear to be on the slide.  However, one thing that doesn’t go away is a landlords […]

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How To Hold BTL Property?

How should landlords hold their buy-to-let property? The way a landlord holds their property investment can have a big bearing on their ultimate landlord tax liabilities.  It is possible to own your rental property as an individual or increasingly landlords are looking at the possibility of incorporating their property rental business to save tax. The […]

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Landlords Claiming Expenses Against Tax

Published on: 12th December 2020

How landlords claim tax expenses? Landlord tax is one of the most difficult areas that landlords have to get to grips with. After all very few landlords are professional accountants. Therefore for many of us keeping up to date with tax deadlines and understanding fully the taxation system relating to buy-to-let property can be a […]

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Taxing End To The Year

Published on: 10th December 2020

How should landlords deal with their tax return? For landlords with residential investment property it’s rapidly approaching that time of year – it’s time to do your tax return. How I envy those people on PAYE, all they have to do is pick up their little slip at the end of the month and Payroll […]

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Tax time bomb 2020

Published on: 7th December 2020

Landlord tax saving stategies It’s a great time to be a landlord. Many of us landlords including me are making record rental profits but this also means potentially a record tax bill for landlords. This is because interest rates are still on the floor and latest projections indicate that they are likely to remain low […]

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Water Damage – Who Pays?

Published on: 28th November 2020

The risks of a leak in an apartment block To date I have bought two apartments in residential blocks. I have largely avoided these types of property because of the high service charges charged by exploitative freeholders and their residential management companies.  There are several types of potential water damage and costs for a landlord. […]

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HMRC target landlords Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

Published on: 16th November 2020

HMRC’s Capital Gains Tax Review indicates that the Government may be more rigorous than ever in coaxing Capital Gains Tax (CGT) cash out of landlords. We already know that HMRC systematically uses Land Registry details to ensure that they collect all the landlords Capital Gains Tax (CGT) due to them.  The Government has recently re-doubled […]

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Tenancy Deposits an arbitrators view

Published on: 28th August 2020

What is an arbitration in relation to a disputed tenancy deposit?  We explore how an arbitrator looks at a disputed tenancy deposit between a landlord and tenant and some tips on the issues in resolving tenancy deposit disputes. Landlords that let property and take a tenancy deposit should be aware that where they take a […]

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