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What is a good rental yield?

Published on: 28th February 2018

Rental yields have always been a critical metric when finding an investment property and they are key to any good investment decision. What rental yield should a landlord expect? The rental yield is the measure of the income generating capacity of a residential investment. There are two types of yield measurement. The gross rental yield […]

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Landlords life and death

Carbon Monoxide Safety In A Rental Property No landlord could fail to be moved by the tragic events on the Mediterranean resort island of Corfu back in 2006. The death of two young children, Christianne and Robert Wood from carbon monoxide poisoning highlights the potential danger represented by poorly functioning heating systems. The deaths underline […]

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Using a letting agent

Published on: 17th February 2018

I’ve written before about landlords using a letting agent. We all know that letting agents are often an expensive and ineffective distraction. They promise to deliver trouble free letting when in reality, a letting agent frequently fleeces the poor tenant with unnecessary charges, whilst costing the poor landlord a small fortune in lost rent. For […]

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New landlord survey reveals confusion

Published on: 14th February 2018

NatWest’s Landlords and Tenants Survey revealed some shocking results about the confusion around basic responsibilities in rented properties, ranging from white goods to mould, with nearly 1 in 10 of tenants believing their landlord should change their broken lightbulbs! White goods and mould seem to be the most troubling features in a rented property for […]

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Should landlords take a lover?

Most of us will admit that from time to time we have had our head turned by a shapely figure, a ‘well turned ankle’, a plunging neck line. Ladies I am informed occasionally notice a tight bottom, a chiselled jaw, or is it the eyes? The reality is all of us if we are honest […]

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Have I missed the boat?

Published on: 5th February 2018

Long-term house price forecasts Prospective property investors thinking of dipping their toes into the residential property market, or those landlords looking to expand their portfolios might be asking; have I missed the boat? Well, as property prices surge to a record high, here are my thoughts on the residential property market and house prices in […]

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Tax time bomb

Published on: 27th January 2018

It’s a great time to be a landlord. Many of us including me are making record rental profits but this also means potentially record tax bill for landlords. This is because interest rates are still on the floor and latest projections increasingly indicate that they are likely to remain low for many years to come […]

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Property Investment Talk

Published on: 26th January 2018

I’m conscious we are well into New Year and I’ve not engaged in any property investment talk.  Landlords across the UK are no doubt head down and knee deep in their landlord tax return paper work. I’ve not started mine yet as always it gets done but no doubt I will go to the wire […]

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Finding Buy-To-Let (BTL) Property

Published on: 21st January 2018

For those investors looking at buying or expanding their residential portfolio in the New Year here are 10 tips to finding buy-to-let (BTL) property.  Landlords looking at bagging a property bargain also check out our tips on finding investment property. Before you plunge headlong into buying a buy-to-let investment do consider alternative to direct property […]

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Landlord Oven Clean Dilemma

Published on: 4th January 2018

One of the biggest issues that landlords face when tenants move out is the oven clean. Why is the landlord oven clean such an issue? The answer is simple. Landlords remember providing their tenant with a new immaculately presented oven in their buy-to-let property. Wasn’t the oven just out of the box and still had […]

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