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PM3s is FREE landlord software.

Launched back in 2006, our landlord software has been free to use ever since. Over that time we have helped over 80,000 users manage their rental properties.

The full version of our latest software, Property Manager 3s is free to use forever, without restriction. PM3s is mainly a cosmetic update, making it sharper and slicker than PM3.

Here are some comments that our users have sent to us over the years.

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Property Manager 3s


The FREE landlord software provides a full package of online property management tools, providing users flexible access to their property data.

Summary of data - free landlord software


The software’s document centre saves, prints and emails unlimited forms for free, including our solicitor prepared Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement, tenant guarantor letter, Section 21 and Section 8 notices.

Forms - free landlord software


Our landlord software manages tenancy details, providing a live time digital rent book. It generates tenancy reports, recording closing statements, finalised balances, and meter readings – ready to download, print or email.

Tenancy - free landlord software


Use the live digital rent book to records payments as either a simple tick, or as a more detailed record, allowing for multiple payments and payment methods.

Rents screen - free landlord software


A simple drag and drop system creates detailed bespoke property inventory forms with editable description – save, update and duplicate.

Inventory screen - free landlord software

Task and Notes

Set repeat tasks for gas safety certificates, electrical checks, EPCs and other routine maintenance, as well as individual property maintenance jobs.

Tasks and Notes screen - free landlord software


Set weekly or monthly email reminders containing outstanding rental payments, tasks, gas safety checks, insurance renewals or mortgage end of term dates.

Reminders screen - free landlord software


Record utility providers, references and account numbers.

Utilities screen - free landlord software


Record expenses under tax category and year.

Expenses screen - free landlord software


Pre-populate the land and property segment the tax return, using either the accrual or cash basis of accounting – prepared ready to print or email to an accountant.

Tax screen - free landlord software


The data is regularly backed up off site. The server is a secure server with Thwarte SSL certificate enabling an encrypted connection, this is denoted by a live Thwarte certificate and https prefix on the page url of our free landlord software.

FAQ’s about our free landlord software

What do you mean by online software?
Property Manager 3s is online software often referred to as “cloud computing”. It offers landlords and letting agents free flexible property management software hosted on remote Internet servers. This enables greater flexibility for users to access their property management data, via a computer or other internet compatible device.

How much does the full landlord software cost?
Nothing. Seriously, there is no charge for this software. The full landlord software is FREE to use FOREVER and has been since 2006.

How do you make your money then?
We make money from promoting products and services such as our special discounted landlord insurance from Alan Boswell and our BTL mortgages. We receive a commission on these services as an affiliate. Please support us by using our links . We also make money from advertisers such as the Google advert boxes on the site, with these we get paid for every advert you click on.

Is there a maximum number of properties?
There is no limit to the number of properties you wish to manage.

How can I help?
Please tell any friends, relatives, fellow landlords, letting agents and strangers in the street, users on Facebook, followers on Twitter etc that might be interested in using our services. Please share!

The bigger our cloud, the better we can make the software. Join in the community on the site, leave comments become a blogger and email and ideas of improvements you think might make us better.

How long have you been going?
The site was launched in 2006, with the first version of the Property Manager software. We have improved and evolved since then, launching version 2.0 in November 2008, then version 3.0 at the start of 2012, followed by our most recent 3s, launched in July 2014.

Who are you?
Property Hawk is made up of a team of landlords and techies who identified the need for a flexible facility to access and record their property management data to make life simpler and easier for landlords. Read more About us.

What’s your privacy policy?
We are registered under the Data Protection Act and do not share any personal data with other companies. Read our Privacy Policy

How do I get the landlord software?
Register to join our cloud and start using instantly, or Sign in if you’re already registered.

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