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Landlord Tax in 2017

Published on: 31st December 2016

Tax saving opportunities in 2017 for landlords? 2017 is characterised by the start of a number of significant tax changes affecting buy-to-let landlords. To find out the full details about a landlord’s current income tax obligations you should read our guidance featured in the Landlords Bible. To calculate a landlords income tax liabilities why not […]

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Price Beat Insurance

Published on: 10th December 2016

To help landlords get into the Christmas spirit, our trusted insurance partner, Alan Boswell Group has a great offer for you: they’re guaranteeing to BEAT the price of your landlord insurance renewal. Don’t worry if your renewal isn’t due yet. Even though this is a festive email, if you register your interest now they can […]

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Investing in Ground Rents

Published on: 1st December 2016

Landlord Freehold Ground Rent Investments Many landlords are attracted to investing in property because they feel their money is always safe in ‘bricks and mortar’. However, in these riskier times Property Hawk looks at an alternative investment. One based around a strategy which suggests that actually investing on the land on which these bricks and […]

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Our new legal partner

Hello, I am Amy Castleman, a specialist Housing Solicitor at Premier Solicitors in Bedford. Most landlords have a pleasant journey increasing their property portfolio and whilst a good tenant is extremely desirable, so is a good solicitor if things go wrong. Specialist landlord advice – fixed fees Premier Solicitors has been listening to landlords for […]

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Becoming a student landlord

Published on: 9th November 2016

Should landlords let to students? Students can make good tenants & here’s why: 1. You can fit more of them into a house. A 3 bed house will frequently accommodate 4 sharers – and that’s without letting the cupboard! This is more intensive than a let to a single tenant or even a house of […]

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Water Damage – Who Pays?

Published on: 30th October 2016

The risks of a leak in an apartment block To date I have bought two apartments in residential blocks. I have largely avoided these types of property because of the high service charges charged by exploitative freeholders and their residential management companies. The nature of apartment blocks are that as an owner of one of […]

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The 3 Pillars of BTL

Published on: 14th October 2016

The three pillars of successful residential investment I’m often asked by newbie landlords do I have any basic tips about investing in residential property. I respond by highlighting 3 essential aspects to making a landlord’s residential investment a success. These I have called my three pillars of investment and they are: 1. Patience 2. Research […]

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Do I Need a Sinking Fund?

Published on: 6th October 2016

I noticed recently there have been some significant repair bills coming through as the age of my buy-to-let portfolio creeps up. Many of my properties which I refurbished early in the last decade are starting to show signs of wear and tear. This raises the question about whether I should start a sinking fund. What […]

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Furnished vs unfurnished

Published on: 23rd September 2016

“To furnish or not to furnish your rental property, that is the question” The difference between furnished & unfurnished rental property? Firstly, there is no absolute definition. Strictly speaking, unfurnished rental accommodation would come with no floor coverings, curtains or white goods. This low level of specification is demanded by a minority of tenants and […]

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Rent to Rent is Immoral

Published on: 21st September 2016

‘Rent to rent’ sometimes known as rent2rent is the latest get quick scheme dreamt up by the property ‘fast buck’ merchants. What is Rent to Rent? Well, ostensibly it involves predator like behaviour from opportunist tenants, who rent a property that they then let out as an HMO, letting out the individual rooms separately. This […]

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