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Valuing a landlord’s property

Published on: 25th June 2020

How to value a landlord’s property? On the face of it this seems a pretty straight forward question to answer and one in my professional capacity of surveyor I was asked many times. For instance a landlord may have had their residential investment property valued recently. They may have needed it valued for a remortgage. […]

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Flippin property investments!

Published on: 21st June 2020

What is flippin a property investment? Flippin a property investment is not the rant of somebody where there buy-to-let investment has gone horribly wrong. It actually describes a style of investment which involves buying an off plan investment (one that hasn’t been built) and then selling it on before the project is completed. The person […]

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Can Landlords Stop Tenants Smoking in a Rental Property?

Should a landlord let their tenants smoke? Landlords are acutely aware of the bad smells and damage caused to an interior by a regular smoking habit. But on the other side there are still a lot of smokers out there, and a tolerant attitude to smoking will open a landlord up to the maximum number […]

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Property investment strategies

Published on: 14th June 2020

What are my property investment strategies?  I have had over 20 years in the landlord game and I’ve seen a fair few changes so is it time for me to reassess my property investment strategies? In the early days of BTL in the late 80’s, and pre buy-to-let there was little to no purpose built […]

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Successful residential property investment

Rules of successful residential property investment   I’m often asked by new landlords do I have any basic tips on successful property investment strategies for investing in residential property. I respond by highlighting 3 essential aspects to making a landlord’s residential investment a success. These I have called my three pillars of investment and they […]

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Landlord Education PT 1

Published on: 13th June 2020

Landlord education & qualifications What do landlords looking to further their understanding of managing and buying residential rental property? How do landlords arm themselves with the knowledge and skils to become successful in the buy to let property market? Investing in holiday lets vs buy-to-let – one day course In these fast moving times with […]

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Landlord property – PT 2 – landlord courses

How can landlords find proper property investment and management courses? Last week Property Hawk started it’s exploration into the world of landlord education. This included looking at the ways landlords can access educational opportunities and some of the landlord courses available. We continue in the second part to evaluate landlord property education sources including what […]

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Tax time bomb

Published on: 7th June 2020

It’s a great time to be a landlord. Many of us landlords including me are making record rental profits but this also means potentially record tax bill for landlords. This is because interest rates are still on the floor and latest projections increasingly indicate that they are likely to remain low for many years to […]

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Ten ways to save tax

Landlords at this time of year need to be gearing up for their latest property tax deadline. The Self Assessment Tax Return, including the figures relating to your property rental business. Property Hawk has recently upgraded its’ landlord income tax system so that it is even easier to use. Now we have a dedicated tax […]

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Published on: 18th May 2020

Since the introduction of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) on the 6th April 2007 it has been a legal requirement for a landlord to hold a tenants deposit in one of the government approved schemes or to obtain the correct tenancy deposit insurance. There are a number of tenancy deposit schemes and below is a […]

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