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10 best – The Landlords Bible

The Landlords Bible is a unique 200 page resource for landlords looking for information about letting their buy-to-let property.
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I’ve listed below the 10 most useful pieces of advice from the Landlords Bible:
1. Calculating your investment returns
For those landlords that are considering buying an investment property for the first time or indeed expanding their existing buy-to-let portfolio, then they should check out this chapter on calculating their investment returns.
2. Rental types
Who should I let to? What sought of tenants should I consider letting to. The various types of tenants you could let to and the pros and cons of letting your investment property to them.
3. Writing a letting advert
Are you writing a letting advert? How you describe it and market your buy-to-let property will have a big impact on the attractiveness of the property to a potential tenant. How do I couch my letting advert to attract the largest number of potential tenants and more importantly the tenants that I want to rent to?
4. Property Handover
One of the most complex and fraught times for a landlord is the property handover. This is the process by which the tenancy is created and then the buy-to-let property is handed over to the ‘marauding’ tenants. Find out what is involved and what has to be done.
5. Repair and maintenance responsibility of the landlord and tenant
When letting out your buy-to-let property there are occasions that a rise where there is a disagreement between you the landlord and your tenant on who is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the property under the terms of the tenancy agreement.
6. Non payment of rent
It’s every landlord’s nightmare. The tenant stops paying the rent. What should you do? We look at how landlords should handle this difficult situation to make sure they have the best chance of getting their money back.
7. Gas safety
Landlords should remember that if they are letting a property with a gas appliance in that they could potentially go to jail if they fail to have the correct gas safety check carried out. CORGI is no more but landlord still need to have their appliances check by the Gas Safe Register.
8. Income tax liabilities of a landlord
Landlords who are worried about their tax liabilities should find out how to minimise the amount of income tax that they pay on their buy-to-let portfolio.
9. Selecting a buy-to-let property
Landlords looking a buying a buy-to-let property should have a look at our selection criteria for choosing an investment. Landlords should remember that they always make their profit when they buy, not when they sell. In other words; by buying the right property at the right price will seal in a guaranteed long term profit and an excellent investment.
10. Getting possession of your buy-to-let property.
You want your buy-to-let property back either to let it to another tenant or just because you have fallen out of ‘love’ with your tenant. It happens. What does a landlord need to do legally to get their buy-to-let property back?

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