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Best of the BTL Blog

Here are some of the highlights from the BTL and landlord blog.

Wow! What a few weeks in the financial markets and there seems like no immediate end to the turmoil.

Our team of buy-to-let bloggers comprising of: landlords, property professionals, letting agents and professional property investors a like have being putting together their thoughts and ideas of how all this is impacting on landlords.

We have also being getting regular updates on how to manage our property portfolios more effectively as well as tips on securing buy-to-let finance in the difficult credit markets. Have a look below of some of the best bits from our buy-to-let blog over the last couple of weeks.

The under cover landlord search for a buy-to-let mortgage

The intrepid under cover landlord continues his search for a buy-to-let mortgage. Join our heroic landlord in his travels to find and secure the ultimate prize in the holy grail of buy-to-let investing the Buy-to-let mortgage.

Property Sparrow – nesting and nasties
Property sparrow continues her tales of being a lady landlady in London. As always in life there is good news and there is bad news. All part of the landlord’s lot!

Rising standards

Margo muses on the rising standards required the modern tenant. It all puts strain on a landlord who wishes to let their property. Can any of us compete with a polished steel oven buffed up with baby oil?

Property Software – glitch
Bitwix Property Hawk’s own tech wizz draws landlord’s attention to the minor glitch within the fantastic new FREE drag & drop inventory software that many of you have started to use. Don’t worry the problem was resolved in 24hrs. The Property Manager 2.0 will shortly be revealed and just like Google our online property management software will just keep evolving each year offering more and more features for our landlord users. Read blog

Landlords need to understand their rental business

Hawkeye gives landlords some pointers about understanding their rental business.
How about sticking to the three pillars of buy-to-let

Landlords misold?!

Hawkeye raises the issue have landlords been misold their property investment.

Check your tenants when they leave

As a good host you would always make sure that your guests leave with all their possessions. Margo suggests there is no difference being a landlord but with maybe slightly different motivations! – Read more

Tenancy agreement and disability

I look at the more serious side of the legal relationship between tenancy agreements and tenants.

Best rental investments – old vs new

A spokeman from Belvoir Lettings looks at which type of property makes the best rental investment, old or new?

Income Monkey – property share

The Income Monkey makes a welcome return with a risky but interesting property share tip….have prices gone too low…!? – Read more

EPCs got yours?

Grrrrr!! Enough said. Find out more..

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