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It’s been another week of feverish activity on the buy-to-let blog.
Firstly I’d like to welcome two more bloggers to the team.
Belvoir Lettings have joined to give their unique view on what is happening in the lettings market from the point of view of a national letting agent.
Claire 3T a full time property investor based in North London having left her oil trading job in the city gives her views on what it’s like being a developer investor in the current market.
City centre woes
This weeks blogs have been dominated by the fall out in the City Centre apartment investment market. Hawkeye highlights the tale of the £238,000 flat that has just sold for £71,000 at auction. Landlords should never forget the maxim ‘Caveat emptor’ or buyer beware when looking at an initial investment!
Hawkeye also highlights to landlords the dangers to cash strapped landlords filling their city centre investments full of students to maximise rents. By so doing landlords could be risking turning their luxury apartment block into a hall of residence with potential catastrophic impacts on investment values.
Out of adversity comes opportunity
Who said that – somebody famous no doubt?
Margo has been to the auctions to cheer herself up. What she finds is that some landlords distress is turning into other investors opportunity. Maybe it’s not time to dive in to the market but certainly some shrewd landlords are starting to find a bargain.
Top tip – on avoiding possession problems
Rigby tells landlords how to use a little known trick that enables them to shortcut the possession procedure and get rid of their tenant at the end of the fixed term . More importantly is this the week that he finally gets it together with Miss Jones?
TDS & no deposit?
Bee in the bonnet tells landlords how they can around the Tenancy Deposit Scheme by charging an administration fee and using guarantors. It’s so simple and so clever I might start using it myself. Have a look here at what a guarantor does.
And Finally!
Some great advice from one of our newest bloggers Claire 3T warns landlords about generalities. The “devils always in the detail”. Landlords need to “research research & research” that way they will be nobodies fool!
Who is the best looking landlord / landlady? Margo stumbled across this picture of a very stylish landlady. We are thinking of putting Rigsby forward as the Property Hawk representative. Do we have any other contenders out there? Picture to me also let me know if you want to join the illustrious team of Property Hawk bloggers.
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