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Best of the BTL Blogs

Landlords should check out this latest round up of the postings from our expert buy-to-let bloggers to find out what’s going on and how to manage their investment portfolio more effectively. We have added a NEW contents listing which allows landlords to view postings by topic to make it easier for you to find posting from the bloggers and on the subject you want.

Where do professional landlords go for their landlord insurance?

The rise of the Landlady

Rigsby notes that the Landlady is back in fashion. Under the governments rent-a-room scheme landlords can generate £4250 in rent without having to pay any tax.

Cutting your capital gains tax

Confucious looks at four ways landlords can cut their inheritance tax liability. Why pay more tax than you have to I say!

Manage your own property

Our expert student landlord Bee in the Bonnet gives landlords some expert tips on how to manage their own investment property.

HMOs lettings

Landlords who are letting to several tenants in a shared house should check out this article to make sure they do not have an HMO – if they do have one they might need a licence – or they might not! For further clarification read this.

Buy-to-let endowments

Never heard of them? That’s probably because they don’t exist. Hawkeye however, discusses why they might just be a good idea and how a landlord who chooses wisely in the current investment environment could just end up with their cake and eat it.

High rollers go abroad for their buy-to-let loans

It seems that high rolling landlords are getting fed up with the credit crunch and going abroad to source they buy-to-let finance. Margo takes stock.

Are landlords insured for the “high” life

Our new expert landlord insurance expert Sentinel warns landlords that they need to put certain checks in place to insure that the insurer pays up if a landlords property ends up being “high” jacked by cannabis farmers. Otherwise they can be left with the £40,000 clear up costs!

Hawkeye gives his unique views on property investment

He discusses how the rental market like many other markets is volatile and variable across the country; looks at why buy-to-let mortgages are so expensive and confesses to being a bottom fisher that is getting very excited!

How landlords can save the planet

The Property Sparrow flutters around London to discover how she and other landlords can help to save the planet and also boost the population of her feathered relatives.

Landlords buying but only bargains

I look at the evidence coming out of the auction rooms that landlords are buying but only real bargains.


Landlords become a star! Ever fancied appearing on TV? Well this is your chance to appear in the BBC forthcoming Property Week and also get some valuable advice.


Don’t fancy TV stardom – how about writing instead? Join our BTL blogging team and become a star blogger instead.

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