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Best of the BTL Blogs

Property Hawk’s Landlord Blog is one of the best sources of information and opinion on the buy-to-let sector in the UK. To find out what landlords are really talking about.

Here we look at some of the most useful and informative posts over the last few months.

Have city centre apartments hit rock bottom?

We look at a recent article in the Times suggesting that city centre apartments might have hit rock bottom. The only way is up?!

Buy-to-let mortgages latest

The buy-to-let mortgage market has contracted massively over the last couple of years. Want to find out the latest BTL mortage rates – have a look at the Mortgage Monkeys latest insights.

Property Manager – lettings software

The PM2.0 keeps evolving making managing a landlord’s portfolio just a little easier. Have a look at our latest suite of video property management help guides to find out how.

Tenancy Agreements
The tenancy agreement is the most important document that a landlord will potentially use. Find out more about tenancy agreements in the blog.

Landlords do you need to save property tax? Here’s some advice on tax saving measures from our resident landlord taxation expert.

Looking for a bargain investment property?
Landlords who make have thought the market has bottomed should look at property auctions for a real bargain.

Landlord insurance
Finding the cheapest landlord insurance is a pain. But by reading these posts landlords should be able to find the right landlord insurance for them.

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