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Best of the BTL blogs

The landlord blogosphere has been fair cracking with new gossip, speculation and innuendo since I last updated landlords at the end of June.
Shock news – landlords may be required to risk assess their toilets
Following the granny in the dunny incident Property Hawk received worrying news that the health and safety gurus were considering requiring landlords to risk assess their toilets. Idle chatter or sinister new front on the growing barrage of legislation afflicting landlords? You decide!
Landlord insurance = best rates = professional advice
Funding for HMOs, freehold flats and limited companies returns
The funding news from buy-to-let lenders has not been great for landlords over the last couple of years. At last a little bit of good news. David Whittaker MD of MFB highlights some additional funding packages that have come to the market.
Death of BMV & NMD
Want to know more about buying BMV. We maintain that this side of the market is dead, but posts on this forum show that some punters still believe.
10 top buy-to-let ‘hotspots’
We highlight the 10 buy-to-let ‘hotspots’ as featured in the Times
Tenant arrears continue to rise
According to this recent feature, arrears from tenants continue to rise, so be warned.
Reclaiming letting fees – Foxtons
If landlords thought that the recent Foxtons case was an open door for them to reclaim thousands in letting fees they may well just have to think again according to this recent post.
Student landlords – time to ‘check in’
Bee in the bonnet our resident student landlord expert identifies two breeds of student tenant when it comes to ‘check in’ time. He warns landlords to watch out for the happy snappers and their armoury of high powered digital imaging devices. A useful insight for all landlords who prepare their own inventory.
Property company collapse hits buy-to-let investors
The collapse of Dylan Harvey Residential is one of a number of buy-to-let developers to hit landlords. The moral of the story could be “don’t invest in a building you can’t see and touch!
Why the government proposals for institutional involvement in buy-to-let will fail.
Property Hawk looks at why the much vaunted government scheme to get large institutions investing in buy-to-let is likely to fail. Just check out the government’s track record ….
Holiday Time!
Let’s not forget, it’s summer…… Its holiday season so let’s leave the last twitter to Property Sparrow who tells landlords they need to relax…

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