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Do you need legal advice?

Landlords frequently have to make difficult decisions.

These often relate to the law and legislation relating to the tenancy of their properties. Many aspects of letting property are clear cut. Stick to the standard procedures and you won’t go far wrong.

However, we all know – from time to time a tenancy can go a bit ‘pear shaped’.

In these cases expert specific advice is vital in stopping a problem escalating out of control or for simple costly errors to be made in serving the correct legal documentation.

Property Hawk has therefore teamed up with solicitors Fidler and Pepper so that we can now offer our users discounted legal advice & services.

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Why Fidler and Pepper?

Property Hawk has thought long and hard about who we partnered with to offer landlords customised legal advice of the sort that all landlords need.

Fidler and Pepper is a local family firm of solicitors and are routed in their local community. They don’t have fancy expensive offices or talk in flowery legal prose.

All this means that they can afford to charge less, whilst still offering the best quality advice.

Despite these traditional values they are committed to maximising the use of technology and the Internet to lever in time and efficiency savings.

When legal advice is needed

Property Hawk is all about allowing landlords to do it themselves. However, from time to time we all need a little bit of extra help.

One of the most common problems is when the tenant stops paying the rent and the landlord needs to obtain possession of their buy-to-let property.

Property Hawk has laid out in detail how a landlord can deal with some of the most common problems affecting a tenancy.

A classic one is when seeking possession of their buy-to-let property. A landlord will generally have to serve notice on their tenants. This involves the service of a Section 21 or Section 8 Notice.

A Section 21 Notice is the legal notice that a landlord gives a tenant that they intend to seek possession at the end of the tenancy.

Getting the dates wrong in this very simple notice is one of the biggest reasons why the courts fail to grant possession to a landlord. The Chairman of the London Association of District Judges recently identified that 7 out of 10 cases for possession bought before London courts failed on this ground. Given that failure at this stage will often cost a landlord 2-3 additional months of lost rent because of the inability to get their tenants out. It can prove to be extremely costly error.

Never get your Section 21 Notice dates wrong again

Property Hawk users can now prepare their own Section 21 Notice using the Property Manager but have the details checked and the Notice served by Fiddler and Pepper for just £75. Thereby SAVING them £75 or 50% on the cost of having the Notice prepared for them.

To do this SIMPLY complete the Section 21 Notice in the Property Manager and then email it to Fidler and Pepper along with a copy of the tenancy agreement. Rebecca at Fidler and Pepper will then get straight back to you.

Full preparation of Section 21 & Section 8 Notice

If you want a section 21 or a Section 8 Notice prepared then they will carry out the full service for £150 (inc VAT)

The next step following the expiry of the Section 21 Notice is the serving of the court form N5B seeking authorisation from the Court for possession.

Fidler and Pepper will prepare these 4 page forms for £150 (inc VAT)

Do as much yourself

Property Hawk would always advise our landlord users to do as much as possible themselves thereby saving valuable cash.

However, sometimes we all need a little expert help.

In these cases Fidler and Pepper offer a landlord affordable advice and the peace of mind that the case will be dealt by experts.

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