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How to Manage Possession Costs

This week I have handed over the editors chair to Rebecca Brough of leading online solicitor Fidler and Pepper to outline some of the key features of their new fixed fee possession service for landlords. This high personalised service for the first time caps the possession costs faced by landlords and ensures that their legal fees don’t run away from them. For those not needing a possession service they also offer a unique fixed cost advice service at only £40 for 20 minutes (most landlord queries can be cleared up with a few minutes targeted expert advice but save a small fortune in the long-term).

Getting possession

I know that obtaining possession of a BTL property is not a cheap process, as most of the time the reason you need possession is because you have not received rent for several months, meaning that you are already suffering financially.

So why not plan ahead just in case the situation arises, my advice is to:

  • put either a lump sum away or even easier, a set amount each month which would cover the costs should you need help in getting rid of a tenant at the start of every tenancy. This will help you greatly especially if you have had to suffer a couple of months without any rent
  • think of it as a mini savings plan – if you don’t ever need to use it, then it’s a bonus, but if you do the money is already there to cover legal and court costs.

With this in mind we have developed a fixed fee structure for property possession. This means that you know at the outset how much it is going to cost you, it also ensures that you are dealing with qualified solicitors who have many years experience.

Our fixed costs are:

Prepare & serve s.21 or s.8 notice £144 (£120 + VAT)

Prepare & serve s.21 & s.8 notice £180 (£150 + VAT)

Accelerated process £595 (includes VAT + Court fee of £175)

Possession (non- accelerated) – £775 (includes VAT + Court fee of £175 for most areas) or £895 (includes VAT + Court fee of £175 for London & Manchester)

Application for warrant of possession – £230 (includes VAT + Court fee of £110)

Many landlords are confident to deal with possession proceedings themselves; however I also offer a Legal Checking Service for both your Section 21 Notice and your Court papers. Just get in touch. Remember a 20 minute conversation with myself might be all you need to clear up the issue and save you thousands of pounds of on going legal fees into the bargain.

Check out the Fixed fee services here

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