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Landlord DATES

Dates play an important part in a landlord’s life.

Picture the scene – you are sitting in a seductively lit restaurant; staring into a pair of beautiful hazel eyes whilst thumbing the wine list with a sense of charged expectancy.
Where do professional landlords go for their landlord insurance?
No; unfortunately it is not that sort of date I’m referring to, but the whole raft of dates needed to run your property rental business. This is why I have put together this compendium of Key Dates for landlords that should help them to ensure that they keep on top of running their property investment business.

Tax dates for buy-to-let landlords

The tax deadline for landlords this year is midnight of 31st January for online returns. Those ludites that still are filing their returns in paper form have until midnight of the 31st October to get their returns in. Late filing of up to 3 months results in a £100 penalty.

Final rent dates for a tenancy

The Roman calendar has a lot to answer for if you are a landlord. Trying to calculate the last rental payment can be a trial and lead to much head scratching by the landlord and anxious and aggrieved looks by the tenant. Some time ago Property Hawk carried out our own investigation into the dates that a landlord should use in order to calculate the final rental payment

Serving notice dates to your tenant

Landlords from time to time will need to serve notice on their tenant that they wish to obtain possession of their residential investment property at the end of the tenancy. This involves serving a section 21 notice (non fault based possession). The most common reason for a section 21 notice to fail is because a landlord gets their dates wrong. However, from the 1st of October 2015 the government introduced a new section 21 notice which removes the requirement to get your dates right. The only stipulation is that a tenant is given a full 2 months notice plus a couple of days for the posting of the documents. If the section 21 notice is served by hand then this obviously wont apply. To see more information about the regulations governing the new section 21 notice. To find out the timetable and process for serving your section 21 notice


Fire safety dates


Landlords should be aware that from the 1st October 2015 they are required to provide a smoke alarm in their rental property in acordance with The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (England) Regulations 2015. To see more about fire safety in rental property.


Property Hawk calendar


Landlords who have a lot of dates to remember in running their rental business may not know that the Property Hawk’s FREE letting software the Property Manager has as part of it a TASKS system which allow a landlord to record the date of jobs to be done.


Landlords LOVE dates

Finally, for any landlords looking for a more romantic date we have our very own Rigsby and Margo– which red blooded male or female could resist? To view their profile and find out what ‘lights their candle’ make a date to visit them in our blog.

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