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Landlords Christmas Charity

OK it’s Christmas. Bah humbug & all that….

But are landlords really as mean and hard nosed as those in the media try and make out? Or is it the rather inconvenient truth that some of us really have a heart that actually pulses some human warmth?

Personally, I‘ve been supporting the charity Shelter since I was in my early 20s. During the last 20 years I must have contributed several thousand of pounds into their coffers, it seemed to me only right that if I was to make my ‘fortune’ out of property that I would also give something back to the less fortunate.

As landlords we are often in a unique position to influence peoples well being for the good. Housing or shelter is one of the basic human needs. The responsibility for this can sometimes be an onerous one; as anybody who deals with the daily drudge of property maintenance will know. But, it’s also a huge privilege to be able to influence people’s lives and wellbeing so directly. Try and think of this the next time you get called out because the toilet has a leak or the boiler stops working.

A random act of kindness

Here’s my own Christmas Tale of “Cheer and Good Will To All Men”. Maybe you have your own.

Feel free to send us your own Seasonal Tale.

“Festive entertainment”

After weeks of wrangling over TV digital technology, quotes, aerials, etc. I’m finally in a position to give my new tenant a nice little present for Christmas. I’ve spoken before about my digital TV tribulations.

How we have got here was a tortuous route that began with my tenants initial moaning "very nicely" that she couldn’t get her full compliment of TV channels. Me ‘stonewalling’ her protestations. Her obtaining several quotes. Me eventually biting the bullet and opting for one. The honest installer conceding a digital aerial wasn’t going to work. Me negotiating with the existing tenant to share his Sky satellite dish.

Finally, the installation! A snip at £55 + Freesat box instead of the £120 quote for an aerial. I can hear the angels singing from here.

 It’s "what I like to call" a digital resolution rather than a digital revolution.

She now has 40 channels & because it’s Christmas still nothing worth watching!
Well that’s Christmas…promises lots but fails to deliver very much.

Property Hawk on the other hand continues to deliver mirth and our unique spin on being a landlord. We’ll be taking a short break but will be back with gusto in the New Year.


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