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Letting Property – Ten Tips

Letting and managing BTL property can be fraught with difficulties and challenges. But, it doesn’t need to be. With a little bit of expert advice letting your property and keeping it let isn’t difficult.

It’s all about being ahead of the game and not letting your tenants get the better of you.

We’ve prepared a series of 10 lessons to be published daily in Property Hawk’s buy-to-let Blog over the next couple of weeks. It will show landlords how to let and manage their buy-to-let property and draws on my experience of over twenty years in letting and managing property.

Lesson 1 tells landlords how best to market their buy-to-let property.

In it I look at what a landlord needs to do in terms of preparing their marketing plan.

It goes on to explain how and where is best to advertise BTL property.

Finally, I give some tips on how landlords can write their rental adverts to generate the maximum interest from tenants.

The first lesson on how to let and manage your buy-to-let property is now live on the BTL Blog.

If you have any comments and thoughts on letting and managing property over the next couple of weeks please post your comments to the Blog.

We can all benefit from sharing tips and advice and I will look to compile the best into a future post to share with everyone.

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