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Now you don’t have to be tied to your desk or your computer to carry out your landlord duties.

Here at Property Hawk we have always seen the future for landlords as being mobile. This is the advantage of our PROPERTY MANAGER web application, which is Internet based rather than being stuck on a PC.

This means that all your data from tenant contact details to your digital rent book can be accessed not only from the Internet but also straight from your mobile*. What are the advantages of that you might ask? Have you ever had a few minutes spare on the train, in a coffee shop during your work break?

Now you can use these to keep on top your rental business. A couple of minutes a month with PROPERTY MANAGER and we guarantee that you will stay in charge of your rents, finances, tax and your business. Not only are there the advantages of being able to work anywhere but also through your phone you always have access to key data: tenant names, mortgage account numbers, how much you owe and a complete overview of your portfolio.

PROPERTY MANAGER does away with the need to have all those bits of paper that you just know you are going to loose. It’s like having your whole filing system there at a touch of a button. Take a final reading at a property and simply put it straight into PROPERTY MANAGER through your phone. This information is then stored forever and is accessible at home, work, in fact anywhere you have Internet access.

How do I get all this?
It’s simple, just sign up for FREE on the home page. You are then FREE to start using it immediately on any computer.

For use on a phone, Property Hawk has teamed up with The Carphone Warehouse to offer you the latest phone the Nokia E61 that allows excellent access to the web on a compact business handset.

These latest generation Internet ‘friendly’ phones are ideally suited to working on web applications such as Property Hawk’s PROPERTY MANAGER.


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