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Property Hawk FOCUS!

Welcome to all the new readers to Property Hawk magazine and website. We have been up and running for just under a month, so I thought as editor it was time to introduce myself and explain what we are all about.

FOCUS! It’s a small word but it means a lot. Here at Property Hawk unlike some other residential investment sites we remain committed to covering the UK buy-to-let market. Whilst other sites may wander off and give you details of the emerging property scene in Moldova, Montenegro and Upper Volta; we stay committed to providing news, in depth analysis and incisive comment on the UK residential market. The other difference between us and the other sites is our news and articles are carefully researched each day by our editorial team. Many sites simply flood the reader with voluminous but irrelevant news feeds. We like to think that the difference is the same as that between a carefully crafted home baked loaf – hearty, honest and sustaining as a posed to a mass produced sliced white – ubiquitous, cheap & unsatisfying.

Like any good baker we are constantly looking to improve our recipe. This is where you come in as the reader. We want to share your ideas & concerns and find out what you need to know. This could be as a first time investor or may be as an experienced landlord looking at ways of expanding their business. Your comments and ideas are vital to enable the site to develop in a way that it becomes your site as much as ours.

Each month we aim to bring a range of articles from our editorial team:

HAWKEYE – incisive comment and views from an experienced landlord & investor who’s been round long enough to sort the ‘wheat from the chaff’.

JUSTIN A STEWART – Justin’s relatively new to property investing but has taken to it with gusto and not a little success. He fits in building his empire between a hectic professional life and an equally active social diary.

ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS – thinking about ‘buy-to-let’? Just bought your first place? Don’t worry AB provides you with all you need to know to get started and make the right decisions from day one!

PRODUCT REVIEWS – every week a basket of new products and services are unleashed onto the buy-to-let industry by a whole swathe of companies. As active landlords and investors we review them for you and point out the good and warn you about the ones you should avoid.

TAX – such a small word but it can cause a lot of problems, unless you know what to do and where to go. Our motto – ‘why pay when you can avoid it’?

WHAT TO BUY? – our monthly round up of what’s hot and what’s not in the world of residential investing – essential summary of the previous month’s events.

LEGISLATION WATCH – our panel of experts keep you up to date with the governments ever changing tied of legislation, to make sure you don’t get caught out.

SPOTLIGHT – every month the PH team put a different area under the spotlight and assess it to see if is an investment opportunity. We look at the potential, the returns, the factors that could make the area ‘move’ – ultimately it’s your call though, hot or not, only you can decide!

EXPERT FEATURE – each month we aim to carry an article from our panel of experts on different aspects of the buy-to-let world. Prepare to be enlightened!

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