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The advantages of on-line property management

Some landlords have asked us to send them a CD of the property management software. Currently we don’t supply hard copies. We think though for most people there are considerable advantages of managing on-line:

  • FLEXIBILITY – we all know that in this day and age you as a landlord have to manage your rental business when you can. At home, at work, abroad, even in the ubiquitous coffee shop. Having your management online means that you can access the details about your rental business anywhere and anytime you have internet access
  • SIMPLE TO USE – our software designers have spent several years perfecting a system that avoids long winded set up wizards – just click and go! If you have any questions just drop us an e-mail and we will get straight back to you.
  • SECURITY – There is nothing more devastating to a landlord than loosing the data connected with their rental business. Property Hawk stops the scourge of data loss for landlords through theft or hardware failure. All the information that you store in the Property Manager is fully encrypted and stored on our dedicated server in bomb proof bunkers.

What our landlord users like

These are just some of the things that our landlord users have pointed out that they like about Property Hawk:

  • FREE FORMS forever – our users like the fact that they are FREE to produce their assured shorthold tenancy agreements and other selected forms for ever. These forms are all pre-populated and stored on their account ready to be used anytime they as a landlord need them.
  • DIGITAL RENTBOOK – they like the way they can keep track of their tenant’s rent payments
  • ACCOUNTING TOOLS – see at a glance their rental portfolios PROFITS, EQUITY & CASHFLOW
  • TAX TOOLS – our landlord users like the fact that they can keep their financial records up to date & at the end of the tax year use the Property Manager to automatically calculate their land & property income tax liabilities. This enables them as a landlord to copy their tax figures straight into their tax return
  • IMPARTIAL ADVICE – unlike some landlord sites we could mention we are not in this for a quick buck. We refuse to recommend products that exploit landlords by trying to sell dodgy off- plan opportunities. Journalistic integrity is everything. Have a look here for some of our recent buy-to-let magazine articles.
  • NEW INVENTORY FORM CREATION SOFTWARE – part of the Property Manager software this simple to use web 2.0 drag and drop system helps landlords to create bespoke property inventory forms, to download and print.


We would just like to express our thanks for all your support and if you have any ideas or suggestions please send them to us and we will look at incorporating them into future changes on the website.

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