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Rent regulation – hits Scotland

Rent regulation including rent controls has hit Scotland in changes that have been badged to be the biggest changes to the private rental sector in a generation. Are rent controls in the rest of the UK now inevitable?

Scottish tenants promised security of tenure

The new tenancies become effective from 1st December 2017.  The full guide to the private residential tenancies is available on the Scottish Governments website.

The rights of tenants have been boosted so that they now have security of tenure making it much more difficult for landlords to evict their tenants without the tenants breaching one of 18 grounds for eviction.  Any new tenancy created will be a Private Residential Tenancy.

Existing tenancies will continue as a Assured Shorthold Tenancy

In a statement Scottish Housing Minister Kevin Stewart said the new tenancy will provide greater security and stability for tenants coupled with better safeguards for landlords, lenders and investors.

‘The private rental sector has grown substantially in recent years and now provides a place to call home for 760,000 people. This is the biggest change to the sector for a generation and will bring about significant improvements in private renting, benefiting both tenants and landlords,’

Rent controls in Scotland

The new tenancy will only allow landlords to increase rents once a year and tenants will be able to challenge the rent increases in front of a specialist rental tribunal which will come into existence from 1st of January 2018.  The landlord must give the tenants 3 months written notice of any rental increase.

More information on Scottish Tenancies

The legislation governing the private rental sector in Scotland has differed from that in the UK for some time so our Free Tenancy Agreement is not suitable for use in Scotland.

For more information on tenancies in Scotland have a look in the Landlords Bible.  To view details of Scottish rental research.

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